11 January 2006

Why must they mess with me?

I try to be clear with hairstylists. When I go in, I say that I am not the kind of person who wants to mess with my hair. To blow-dry my hair into a certain shape. To put "product" (whatever that is) into my hair.

But time after time, they ignore me and take matters into their own hands, blowing and torturing and shaping with wax and glue and gels...after I leave, the first thing I do is to take my hands and muss up their creation lest I look too plastic. The second thing I do is go home and take a shower and wash all the goop out.

Today the stylist tortured my hair to look like Marlo Thomas in "That Girl" It doesn't seem like that big a deal but my hair is naturally curly and it took major construction to get it so straight and poofy.

In case you are too young or have forgotten:

I almost wanted to go out and show the weirdness off, but I couldn't think of an appropriate place. I needed an early 70's Manhattan cocktail party.

In other news, ants have invaded.


dobbs said...

I go to a regular hairstylist but even so, my last haircut turned out super short. When I asked hubby his opinion of my new cut all he could say was that it was "short"! :D

Btw what ants are invading? Not termites I hope!

Priceman said...

I think this site is soooo great!!

SUEB0B said...

Just a few little black ants...nothing major so far. They tented for termites right before I moved in.

dobbs said...

Phew - glad to hear it's only a few ants. I kinda forgot they are a much rarer sight in the house for you than for me! :P

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