04 February 2006

Deep cleansing breaths

I was going to clean house tonight. My house does, after all, look somewhat like a cross between a college dorm room and a crack house.

I got it partially tidied and then made a huuuge mistake - I decided to Turbo Tax my taxes. That wasn't a big deal until I decided to calculate my mileage from freelance writing last year - which involved pulling out every one of my articles and strewing them about. Now it looks like the Crazy Newspaper Saving Lady lives here, too.

The best part of that is, after an hour of figuring out mileage, I still don't qualify for the standard per-mile deduction. Brilliant!

There is good news though. I thought I might owe as much as $5k in taxes. Oh me, with my delusions of financial adequacy. I actually only owe a more manageable $1600. So I am taking deep cleansing breaths and trying to look at that as a GOOD thing.


Laura said...

And the game is not over yet...

IzzyMom said...

lololol....I about peed my pants when I read this entry. Guess what I am doing here at your blog? Avoiding Turbo Tax which is open in another tab in my browser. basically, I'm avoiding Turbo Tax becuase there is absolutely NOTHING Turbo about it.

SUEB0B said...

There were some parts about Turbo Tax that were annoying, but overall I liked it better than trying to do simple math myself!

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