17 February 2006

Sick Day

I took a sick day from work. YES, as a matter of fact I WAS sick, not malingering. Sheesh. I am surprised you would think such a thing!

I had a bad sore throat yesterday and when I woke up I had a swollen uvula. Yep, that dangly thing in the back of my throat was about three times its normal size. It feels dang weird to be able to feel your own uvula!

So I stayed home. For a while. About 10 a.m., I got restless and went to put gas in the car, to Peet's Coffee for some fresh-ground beans and to the library to stock up. I came home and spent the day reading and sleeping and looking around the Internet. I found some cool stuff.

For instance, this post by hardbody 50-something artist Liz at Granny Gets A Vibrator had me laughing and clapping. Keep it up, sister-girl!

A link on Dooce explains how all the cool blogger kids are getting to go to Amsterdam on someone else's dime. Jealous? Why try to hide it? You bet!

The ever-handy Kottke has a link to a site where you can write your personal history. The non-profit Remembering Site gives enough cues that even those without any idea how to start can begin composing a life history. Why should only the powerful and famous have autobiographies?

One for my sister Laura, from Think Geek , Thanks to Dobbs for the point to that site.

And I was beside myself with joy to discover my favorite cartoonist, Lynda Barry has an online "magazine."

Unity is the only church I have ever been a member of. I grew up unchurched and proud of it. I always saw religion as something limiting and snobbish, not as a benefit. At least that's the way my family made it seem.

But I had a metaphysical bent and was always searching for Something. When I found my Unity church through their bookstore, I loved their teachings. No judgement, no hatred, no "God is only on OUR side" - it is kind of the Self-Help Book Church of Our Lord.

They have a little inspirational magazine called "The Daily Word" and now there is an online version . Many days the message is kind of eerily right on about what I am going through. If you need a dose of positivity, check it out.

When you're sick, it's good to have someone help you sleep it off.


IzzyMom said...

I used to briefly see this chiropracter (not the one I refer to as "the new age chiropracter") that was a serious born-again Christian and one time I said something about the Unity Church near my house and she freaked. "They are NOT of God", I believe is how she put it.

And I'm thinking to myself "...but they're so nice. But maybe that's how the devil works. He pretends to be all nice and lures you in with candy and really nice people. But wait, maybe SHE is the devil trying to turn me against the good, nice people and lure me to one of those places where they handle snakes and speak in tongues. Hmmm"

This was one of those weird split-second thoughts that you sort of have in the middle of a conversation. She weirded me out and I had to stop going to her.

Regarding all the Dooce-envy of late, I stumbled across an article in the online New York Magazine that sums up my theory of why some blogs are so popular that their owners eventually get to go to Amsterdam. My theory is simply that people, being not unlike lemmings or sheep, follow each other around and typically want to go where other people already are. This is called "power-law distribution" by the author of this article and it's basically the same premise.

I find the social dynamics of blogging fascinating so I really enjoyed the article. If you are interested, you can read it here

IzzyMom said...

I meant to mention that I don't actually believe in "the devil". But she (the chiropracter) was spouting all this stuff about Satan and being saved and stuff so you know...your normally rational mind begins to wander...lol

SUEB0B said...

Well, I can see what she meant. Unity is certainly not your church that takes the Bible literally and talks about hell all the time and who is going there.

It's a pretty open-minded bunch and some of the members get into some wacky stuff like crystals and channeling and whatever. But I'd rather have that than have people who talk about Satan and why gay people are damned. It just works for me.

dobbs said...

Sorry to hear about your bad throat. Take care and hope you get well soon. :)

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