27 April 2006

My favorite all-time head exploding moment

This is an oldie, but something I will never forget.

I went to Taco Bell back when they first had Chalupas. I thought "Hey, I'll try me one of them Chalupa things!"

Me: I would like a Chalupa with no meat.

Pimply Counter Boy: A chalupa with no meat.

He somberly regarded his cash register for a moment. Apparently there were only buttons for "Beef Chalupa" and "Chicken Chalupa" then a "minus" button.

Pimply Counter Boy: Would you like it without beef, or without chicken?

Me: (stuffing fist in my mouth to keep from shrieking with laughter) What is the difference?

Pimply Counter Boy: (totally serious, of course) Without beef is $1.29. Without chicken is $1.49.

Me: (tears beginning to form, gasping) Well, I guess I will have it without beef.


something blue said...

Good choice!

So that's one Chalupa hold the beef and bring on the giggles...

MrsFortune said...

Ouch. Sue. My sides hurt. Damn you.

super des said...

jack in the box:

does the enchilada (or whatever it was - I don't remember any more) have meat in it?

no. just a little pork.

ok, well then I'll have something else.

come on, it's good.

but I don't eat meat.

this is pork!

pork is meat.

no, this is pork. and it's really good.

no, pork is meat, and that makes it bad.

...and so forth. one of the many many reasons I no longer eat fast food.

SUEB0B said...

Pork, the other vegetarian meat?

spotted elephant said...

Priceless. :D

Do you remember the story about the football player who order a chalupa at the drive thru, and was so enraged when they dropped his chalupa that he tried to attack the staff person but got stuck in the drive-thru window?

I remember laughing listening to reporters say "enraged when they dropped his chalupa".

Izzy said...

I am SO laughing out loud. Unreal!

SUEB0B said...

Spotted E - I wouldn't be so enraged - that was my one and only chalupa. Not so good. But I did love that tiny chihuahua

Kentucky Girl said...

LOL Dang. You're so smart. That would have been a hard decision for me to make. :P

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