18 August 2006

Something must be done!

I have 2 new favorite blogs. I checked them out on Technorati and they are ranked way too low - even below Red Stapler, which is freaking ridiculous, considering the quality of their writing.

This is your assignment, should you choose to accept it: give these two blogs some linky love.

I submit for your consideration:

Meg Fowler who not only posts about 5 times a day, but does it with beauty, grace and hilarity.
But here it is: I'm a writer who wants to write well. I'm also a girl who wants to live well. I'm going to mess both of these things up exponentially as time goes on because that's just how it is.

But I promise, if you stick with the Megbushka doll, every layer will bring some new colour and some new designs, and IN A RADICAL DEPARTURE FROM BABUSHKA TRADITION, will actually reveal a Meg a little bigger and stronger than the last.

I don't care if that didn't make a bit of sense.


BillyGean who is a British wondergirl. It may take a couple posts to get into her hilarious, subtle groove, but once you do, you will find yourself clapping your hands over your mouth to keep people from hearing your shrieks of laughter. Try scrolling down to her "Legally Bound" post, for starters.
The lady in charge of Professional Trainee Loans looked at me. "Okay, we are going to need to go through your budget just to see what sort of outgoings you've got," she said.

Oh God. The Budget. "Okay," I said smiling.
"Right, let's start at the top then, how much is your rent?"
"That's one easy, 225 pounds per month."
"Okay, and what would you say your electricy, gas etc bills are?"
I haven't the faintest idea. I have no idea who even supplies it. I decided to stall.
"What would you say?"
"What is a normal bill?"
She stared at me. "I would say about 30 pounds per month," she said slowly.
"Okay I'll have that one."
"Which one?"
"The thirty."
"Right," she said, exhaling loudly. "And what would you say you spend on socialising?"
Oh hell. I have an addiction to eating out, red wine, the cinema, train travel... Hang on, though. Socialising is technically free. How much do I spend on talking to people? Well, not very much at all!
"Five pounds per month."
"Five pounds per month?"
"Okay, maybe ten."
"Are you sure? Do you not go out?"
That was not the illusion I was trying to create.
"Okay, twenty."
"That's better. It's good to go out, you know," she said, biting her bottom lip.
"I do know that."

I hope you find these women as wondrous as I do. And if you do, link them up. They deserve to spring into the Technorati Top 100 pronto.

In other news, I finally got around to updating my links. The list is not bloated with old links that I do not read. They represent people I read pretty much every time they post.

Which is why I have no life. Sigh. Can I help it if y'all are irresistible?


Anonymous said...

I love new blogs. Thanks!

billygean.co.uk said...

Woah. Thanks for the linkage!

And it's not at all creepy to read archives, I do it all the time. I could tell you dooce.com's life history.

I don't know why I'm ranked so low! :( I have 100 readers, perhaps they're shy with their linkage?!


Anonymous said...

Am so glad! you found BJ. She was an original fave of mine. :) Hurrah! for the linky lovin'.

Stephanie said...

Billygean made me almost spew milk through my nose. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, peaches! And now I linky to you:).

Anonymous said...

I love Meg! I found her through you a few weeks ago. :)

I'll definitely check out the other one, too!

Anonymous said...

On your recommendation I read both blogs. You are very generous to do that for these bloggers!

SUEB0B said...

BillyGean, Meg - it's the least I can do. You have given me a lot of entertainment and food for thought.

Rhea - not generous - I'm just a bit of an evangelist at heart I guess. I want to spread the word about good writing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, suebob, could you post a link for the piece of technoati that posts the top blogs?

SUEB0B said...

Holly - as much as I hate being used by journalists, here you go:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, suebob. You're the best.

Tracey said...

technorati is pretty untrustworthy/unreliable, i think. but yay for new blog loves!

SUEB0B said...

Tracey - I think Technorati just ranks off incoming links, which is kind of shallow. It only takes around 10,000 links to get in the top 100. I am merely 9,800 away LOL.

Krisco said...

Hi RedStapler Gal,
I have finally made my way over to your blog again post BlogHer. It was fun meet you and hang out with you.
So fun to hang out at your blog!
Hope all is well.

Suzanne said...

Another thing I love about you, Suebob, is your humbleness and genorosity about your own fantastic blog, as well as how you share with others. This is what the blogosphere is supposed to be about. And the new picture is great on your comments. I really love it.

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