12 September 2006

I'm Bloggy. The bloggerriffic blogger.

Wow. Taking a break from blogging is like taking a break from dieting - once you go off, it's hard to start back again.

It was a busy weekend. First, Mr. Stapler, his wacky Norwegian housemate and I went to San Francisco to see our friend, genius-boy Tony Sossong get inducted into medical school.

The White Coat Ceremony is a special moment of family pride and a jumping-off place into a whole new life for the 150 students, who were chosen from over 5,000 applicants. I do believe I choked up a couple times.

Then off to Napa for a whirlwind winery tour with Mr. Stapler's friend Don, who owns Platypus Tours and who took us along for the ride on Saturday. Yikes. Even for me, who worked in the wine label business for years & years, there is an unimaginably large amount of grapes up there.

I mean, I'm a bit of a lush, but I was left wondering "Who the heck DRINKS all this wine?" Especially at the $100 a bottle place. As my old swimming partner Mimi (of Clos Mimi Winery) said "When it comes right down to it, it is just a BEVERAGE."

I spent yesterday reading blog posts and watching 9-11 videos and feeling bad. Then it occurred to me: "I do not have to feel bad about this." Is that a radical notion? I mean, really, when you get down to it, what good does my feeling bad do? Is there some benefit to me flogging myself about the horror? Whaddya think? Am I a monster?

Last Thursday I got a phrase stuck in my head. A really stupid phrase. I have no idea where it came from, but it popped up every 15 seconds or so ALL NIGHT LONG. And in my head, I didn't hear it in a cheerful, enthusiastic cartoon voice as you might expect, but the voice of a jaded old man. The phrase was:

"I'm Bloggy. The bloggerriffic blogger." Every 15 seconds.

Yeah, I know. They can present THAT one at my sanity hearing.

Oh, yeah, finally - new links at Linkateria.


Unknown said...

I didn't watch anything, on purpose. I mean, I can't deal just yet. And I wasn't even THERE.

I was working then, and after being on the air all morning I was sent to sit at LA's tallest buildings and "watch." You know, so could die there if anything did happen.

I can't feel bad either, but I think it's because I still can't feel at all from that day.

Kentucky Girl said...

Hey, we're in that wine club at Sullivan! They have GREAT wines. They have an "un-fooled around with" Cab that is DEE-VINE.

Next time you're up in Napa and you're looking for a nice place with good wine and inexpensive to boot, go to Madonna Estate. They use all organic grapes and they're so friendly there!

We're long-time club members at several wineries, and if you want, we can get you in to some of the private tours and tastings and stuff. Heh.

super des said...

V. Sattui is a good winery too.

And you don't feel bad because you didn't kill all those people.... Or did you?

Girlplustwo said...

And now I have Lionel Ritchie stuck in my head....kidding. enjoyed your blog!

Girlplustwo said...

And now I have Lionel Ritchie stuck in my head....kidding. enjoyed your blog!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back in the saddle, cowgirl. Missed ya!

I think wine is the emperor's new clothes. I think it's ghastly bitter, overpriced stuff, but to be sophisticated, you gotta swaller it. I don't. I'm a rube. A hick. As provincial as the provinces.

And I'm not afraid to say, ala the lad who spotted the emperor's heinie, "Wine tastes like horse piss."

I should know, having imbibed the finest horse piss from coast to coast.

And for those of you who want to say, "Wine tastes good, you rube!", I'll pre-admit that I resemble that remark more than I resent it and that my tongue is my most honest appendage. My tongue doesn't lie. Wine is nasty.

Rubishly yours,

Holly Capote

Bimbo said...

Sooo what you're saying is that you were out there having a life while the rest of us anxiously checked for a post from you? Mmmyeah, ok. That'll go over big.

I don't think anyone's morally deficient for not wanting to watch the emotional porno the media's made of 9/11 - like it's a commodity. Or for remembering with reverence as you did in a previous post to then continue living juicily. We have plenty of professional mourners who only see sorrow and negativity in the world. We need rock stars, too, so vive le Suebob, baby.

Suzanne said...

Clearly, you are indeed a monster. I mean, how can you even question the use for a $100 bottle of wine? our society relies on consumers these days, and once the "people" (whose incomes we know have no risen with inflation) balk at buying needed luxeries, the economy will tank. You should feel bad about being selfish and wanting to save your money or use it for more mundane things. Silly Suebob! I did miss you, though, and congrats to your friend. I went to my friend Dr.P's white coat ceremony and it really is a special event.

meno said...

You are not a monster. There isn't enough time in the world for me to feel bad about all the things there are to feel bad about, but that doesn't mean i don't care.

I am the one drinking all that wine, except not the $100 bottles.

superstar said...

just a good life

Amanda said...

We tend to stock up on Two Buck Chuck every time we're at Trader Joe's. I can't FATHOM spending $100 on a bottle of wine. A single bottle won't even get you all that drunk!

And you're not a monster at all. Feeling bad about stuff you can't change is a complete waste of effort. I've been feeling paranoid all week and I realized it was just from watching all the 9-11 memorial stuff. Next year, I won't watch it.

super des said...

Amanda - Two Buck Chuck is actually THREE Buck Chuck in NYC. Rattles my cage, it does.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

It will be a cold day in hell when I buy a $100 bottle of wine.

A wine tour sounds like fun, actually. Someone to drive the bus while you get silly. Whoohoo!

I've always been partial to Grigich Hill's Violetta. Yummy.

SUEB0B said...

I had no idea I would strike such a big chord with wine...Thanks for the offer, KG, but I think after all my years in the biz, I have seen enough behind the scenes stuff to write a tell-all book.

I thought about posting about my wine adventures and spilling some beans, but I probably shouldn't burn those bridges because I may, someday, want to go back.

I do know enough about wine to never spend $100 on a bottle. You can honestly find really, really fine wines for much less. Two buck Chuck isn't one of them, but I'll tell ya - I have tasted much worse.

Holly, I respectfully disagree. I can see not liking wine, though. To me, there is no mystique. It really is just fermented grape juice, a beverage, and if you prefer diet Coke or iced tea, I don't think that says a whole hell of a lot.

The wine tour is a fun day, though. As I said to Mr Stapler, "As an adult, there really aren't a lot of days in your life where you have no responsibilities other than to show up, sit down and relax..."

Suzanne said...

I just read a restaurant review in Time Out New York last night, and the place in question recently added a $2,250 bottle of wine to the menu.

And here we are all were complaining about $100...

Bamboo Lemur Boys Are Mean To Their Girls said...

You are either haunted or you have another personality developing.

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