19 September 2006

What is "On Notice" for you?

Tell me yours! I need to know.

Thanks to everyone who has ever linked to Red Stapler. A few days ago I cracked the Technorati top 10,000. Woo hoo! I am a little fish swimming in a very big pond.

An anti-Bush admin triple play at Linkateria today.


Suzanne said...

Congrats, and it is a well deserved honor. (Now, if I can just get technorati to find my damn feed again...) I so love your blog, and everyone should read it and go about their day with a grin due to your cleverness. I think it would bring about world peace.

super des said...

Spreading the Red Stapler love.

Technorati doesn't think I exist.

Anonymous said...


That is cracking me up.

Technorati was on notice for me, but they finally cleared up my issues.

My cats are on notice. They won't stop fighting today. I don't know what their deal is. (deals are?)

Toastedsuzy said...

Robot Telephone Answering Services
for AT&T and other such monstosities

People who work for those same companies and act like robots


Student Loan Consolidation Companies who Send letters marked "URGENT CHANGES TO YOUR STUDENT LOAN" etc.

And who call young, naive, probably still drunk college students and claim to be from "The Student Loan Authority"



guinea pigs

This woman named Laylish



and people who don't read my blog regularly and tell me how damned awesome I am.

Kidding about the last one.

Kind of.


ps. You are NOT on notice, because you are awesome staple lady!!!!

Mignon said...

the little tiny hole at the opposite end of the big drinking-out-of hole on to-go coffee cups that requires you to kind of suck the coffee out, rather than sip it, which gives me that raw burned mouth feeling for the rest of the day until tomorrow morning, when I do it again

and also really yummy extra-crunchy potato chips that stab and tear different parts of my already-sensitive mouth until the ridges of the roof of my mouth are just hanging down in shreds, but the chips are too yummy and crunchy to stop

IzzyMom said...

Back fat is definitely on notice from me, too!

You really don't want the restof the list, trust me. It would just be a repeat of my blog posts of late, anyway.

Congrats on cracking the top 10k! I don't know what mine is but now I'm curious!

Anonymous said...

My little vampira is on notice. I'm sick and tired of signing incident reports detailing her latest efforts to eat her classmates.

Unknown said...

People trying to make me give up my engagement ring in the name of feminism.

Anonymous said...

On notice?

Quilted cat-fabric totes. Especially if used as a purse.

Holiday socks.

Corn syrup in every freaking food known to man. Ditto partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

Shitty drivers.

Poorly written children's books.

Muffin-tops. (The flesh kind, not the poppyseed kind.)

Bimbo said...

Non-freak freaks. Just posted on it because it baffles me. Lemme splain: Twins, redheads, tall women and crying babies are not freaks, they are non-freaks - as in your average, everyday folks. It's the people that think staring at them like they're societal anomalies that are the freaks. Non-freak freaks to be specific.

The sign that guy is holding is on notice, too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there should be an apostrophe after HMO.
Sloppy grammar and punctuation is on notice.

I could be here all day.

Bimbo said...

And that's why I had to massacre the sentence in my rant about people staring at non-freaks. I hope we're all clear on the importance of grammar now.

Toastedsuzy said...

Colbert put Irony on notice last night, Kristin!

Just for you baby!

Love you,

SUEB0B said...

Kristin - as a charter member of the Apostrophe Liberation Front, no one knows better than I about the proper use of apostrophes. The HMO'S apostrophe is not, however, a grammatical apostrophe. It is a courtesy apostrophe, inserted lovingly to keep people from reading HMOS and wondering "What in the heck is a HMOS?"

So quit busting my chops, you cranky closet copy editor.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I'd have to say candy bars that are all melted to the wrapper before you even bought them are on notice.

The squirrel in my kitchen window is also on notice. But I don't think he cares.

Also: Suebob, you're crumbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Suebob dear, I hope you don't mind that I completely stole this idea from you and did my own On Notice post. I also used Barbie's Pooping Dog, because it deserved it. Your list was great!

crazymumma said...

Hey you popular fish you. And with good reason.

Answer to your query: Rude People.

Toastedsuzy said...


The check engine light

Anonymous said...

Toasted Suzy, I hate the "check engine light" too.

And I'm putting speeders on notice, which is just about everyone but me. We have finite oil and folks are burning to burn it. ARGHHHHH!

And anyone who doesn't adore Suebob is on notice too!

SUEB0B said...

Thanks, everyone. I agree with all your on notices, too.

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