14 October 2006

Back in the bat cave

Sorry about last night's pity party. As that old Joe Walsh song says "I can't complain, but sometimes I still do."

I mostly wanted an excuse to point out the fact that I am one of the lucky few Americans who has a Hell's Angels HQ a mere three blocks from her house.

I have just one thing to say to the Hell's Angels. No, not "All you weenie bikers suck." That would be ill-advised, I think.

No, I would say "Nice website."

Really. I have seen major corporations with less style and design sense. Rock on, my grungy neighbors.


I went to a women's forum today on economic justice. It was really cool to be with smart, involved women who were passionate about making the world a better place. I covered it for the paper, so I got paid, too. Yee haw.

Jon Goodman spoke on global economics and she (yes, she, Jon) knocked my socks off. Who knew global economics could be fascinating? She really brought economics home and during her talk the scales fell from my eyes.

I saw the light: it really is all about money.

She pointed out that all the news that keeps distracted and in fear is for one thing - to keep us from noticing what is happening to our money. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and meanwhile we are running around going "Mark Foley emailed a congressional page!! OMG!!"

I started to think of every issue in a monetary way. For instance, abortion. Why is it that abortion isn't legal? Because it is such a handy issue to keep us distracted. Think of all the energy that goes into supporting and opposing legal abortion. Energy that might go into, say, working for clean government if it wasn't being used up waving signs and chanting...hm....

She also said she thinks the only way the US will compete in the global economy is through education, especially in critical thinking, science and math. Turn off the video games and get out those erector sets, kids. (Gosh, I hope someone else remembers erector sets. Otherwise it just sounds dirty.

So all in all an interesting day. It was kind of a dash - I had to get up at 5:30 to let Oskar out to pee, fooled around here a bit, then dropped Goldie off at the folks and was at the conference 40 miles away by 8:30.

At 10:30, I had to drive the 40 miles BACK to take the dog to the vet, because fluid is collecting under her skin where her wounds were. There goes another $211 and they want to see her on Monday, too, probably to put a drain in.

The Goldie saga (and the vet bill) continues. Good thing I love her more than life itself.

Then I went back, finished the story, went to Mr Stapler's house for a few, and came home about 7 pm, totally wiped out.

I spent the evening between home and Jay's, where I hung out with Oskar and watched Project Runway, which Oskar demanded I turn on. He may be a dog, but he is a very fashion-forward dog.


Anonymous said...

It's hard not to get distracted from important issues. The rich control the media and everything else.
Plus when we catch glimpses of what is really going on it is depressing..
Well, I for one am not going to take it anymore. I'm going to wear a tinfoil hat from now on..

Anonymous said...

You're right, Hell's Angels Ventura does have a cool website!

I don't understand global economics very well, but I agree that the rich are still getting richer. It makes me sick that this country has people living in poverty, yet we can spend billions on a war.

Oskar "made" you watch Project Runway, huh? Good dog.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Hey Neighbour!

It turns out a lot of Hell's Angels are Vietnam vets too. NBC news the other night told of a group of Hell's Angels vets who give escorts of honour to fallen Iraq war heroes at their funerals when they come back home. They travel all over the country doing this, giving grand, large send-offs to soldiers, bringing comfort to their families and recognising the sacrifice our troops make in the service of the country.

I think that's a beautiful, noble thing to do.

There's more to Hell's Angels than hair, I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to check out this website.

I only know about the Hell's Angels via Woodstock, a story my mother told me....and I don't even remember it.


I think my comment has no point. Sorry to ramble! :D

meno said...

Did Oskar make you watch the episode where they designed for the dogs? Of course he would want to see that!

Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear about the ongoing health saga with Goldie. Poor little doggie!

As for global economics, the rich sure are gettting richer. At some point, people will wake up and begin to notice. I think that point is going to be when the 5 year ARM on their house shoots up from 4% to 11% and they lose their home. Or when their credit cards suddenly demand that the balance be paid in full, as they have the right to do. When people are slapped out of their false sense of comfort, the shit will hit the fan. I hate that it takes such dramatic events, though.

Lately, I've been thinking about how we really are back to the days of the Robber Barons. Fascinating and utterly depressing.

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