27 October 2006

Friday night fun

There is some drama going on in blogland. I'm not going to be too specific because I don't want to fuel the fires too much more.

Apparently there is/are some f***ed-up blog(s) posting photos of bloggers' children that have rude modifications or comments, and this has upset the bloggers involved. Well, yeah, of course.

I just want to imagine what goes on with the person doing the posting. Either they are a) severely mentally ill, which is a big possibility, or b) have so incredibly little power in their lives that all they can do to get some kind of life energy is to stir up negativity in other people. They can't feel or receive real love, they don't feel effective or talented in any way, so they turn their limited life skills to this stupid passtime.

Pathetic. So very pathetic.


Following my post the other day about doing good, four people signed up with Women for Women International. My goal is 10, but in my mind I have til Dec. 31 to achieve it.

I just wanted to thank Average Jane, Jess of Drowning in Kids,Meno of Meno's Blog, and The Orthotic Contessa of Kvetch Blog for sponsoring women. That makes four more families who will have enough to eat and who will have the opportunity to get education and to start their own business. Yay, women. I am proud of you.


Mr Stapler has a new blog, Mind Yer Arse, which is mostly about his first love, music. Go pay him a visit and tell him how wonderful I am while you are there.


This weekend's big deal is a Day of the Dead celebration at church. I have to get busy making decorations!!


super des said...

I will sponsor a woman, I promise! It just can't be til later (I need to sponsor myself first).

People use the internet exactly as you say: as a power trip they can't have in real life. It can be expressed in this way, or online sex chat rooms, or making videos for youtube, or anything else.
Of course, these baddos are ruining it for us goodos.

Suzanne said...

Have a great time at the Day of the Dead celebration. It sounds like fun.

As for the mean people making fun of people's kids, they remind me of how the press treated poor Chelsea Clinton at first. I don't understand using kids to hurt parents. It is definitely why I am a misanthrope, reason number 643.

meno said...

One more reason to not get too personal on your blog. Attacking kids is so out of line. I am stunned, but not surprised at what people will do for attention.

And you are welcome.

Meg said...

It's a nasty extension of existing websites like HotorNot (or whatever it's called). We have such capacity for good, but man, the energy our species burns on cruelty...

Amanda B. said...

That is really crappy. People can be so mean.

MrsFortune said...

Why do I always miss out on all the drama ... oh well, I guess I can just watch some soaps.

Lisa said...

You know, I forgot to do a link to this... So glad I read this.. I need to do so.

Skye said...

I just signed up, sorry it took me a while - but it's before Dec 31st!

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