04 October 2006


Considering the fact that Mr. Stapler's dog Kelly and my dog Goldie recently tried to kill each other, I asked him "What are we going to do if we get move back in together? Get rid of the dogs?" (I was joking).

"No," he answered. "We will have to let them fight to the death and keep whoever survives."

In other dog news, Jay, the guy in the front house left before 6 a.m. today and left Oscar, his sweet German Shorthaired Pointer, outside. It is now 8:40 p.m. and he isn't home.

Oscar is crying.

Why not just stab me through the heart?? I know Jay is a hardworking guy but he has to think of his dog, too. That is just WRONG.

I fear I am going to have to get Goldie a conehead like Pesto has. Her haircut and her wounds are itching her and she is batting at them with her paws.

My parents went out to lunch today and when they came back, she was all bloody. She is supervised about 23 1/2 hours a day, but apparently that isn't enough. Sigh.

Conehead, hear we come.


I just got my shipment of Moo Flickr Mini-Cards. These are little cards, about half the size of business cards, printed on a plasticized paper. On one side are photos from Flickr - you can choose up to 34 photos in an order of 100 - and on the other side is whatever text you want.

I chose to put the BlogHer Red Stapler photos (not all of them, just the 30 that worked best) on one side and my contact info on the other. If you want a couple, send me your address at snackishblogATyahoo.com and I will pop a couple in the mail. They might have some of your favorite bloggers on them - I have Suzanne of CUSS, Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah, Kristin of Motherhood Uncensored, Izzy, and so on and on...


meno said...

People who abuse animals (and i consider abandoning a pack animal like a dog to be abuse) have a special place in hell. If i believed in hell. Which i might in this case.

jess said...

pesto's cone is lost in the woods somewhere. I have to find it in the morning. But, oh the amusement of hearing him smash into walls all night long has been well worth it.

Kentucky Girl said...

Aww...poor poochies. :(

My basset had to wear a cone when she had surgery. You know, bassets are low-slung little things. She went outside one night to go potty and when she came back in, her cone was filled with dirt and grass and rocks. Apparently, she was outside being a bulldozer. Poor thing.

Anyway, we bought her an e-collar.


It worked better for her. Other people have had limited success putting them in a tee shirt.

TB said...

The cone sucks but it's very effective and she'll probably only have to wear it a couple of days.

I love the photo card idea. Can you scan one so we can see 'em?

Laura said...

Ugh. Dog wearing a cone. Take all your lamps down.. move the furniture. My doggie (Homer) had one when he got neutered... and our house was a wreck. He also wasn't smart enough to pick his head off the ground... so he would tearing up all the sod as he ran.
Quite a picture isn't it?

super des said...

Poor doggies. All of them.

Mom101 said...

Those minicards are so cool. I love them!

I just wanted to say that while I have been sorely delinquent in commenting anywhere lately, whenever I find one of yours I always finding myself nodding vigorously and thinking, "what she said." You are my mental soulmate SueBob!

Christina said...

Poor lonely dog! I have friends who have a coonhound, and if they know they'll be gone for a long time one day, he goes to doggie daycare for the day.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Okay, that story of your neighbors dog just made my heart leap out of my chest and spontaneously combust on the floor.

And the cone? Ah, the cone. Such a necessary evil.

SUEB0B said...

Meno - I'm with ya there.

Jess - Yes, our pets are here to amuse us. And abuse us.

KG - that is so funny.

TB - I don't have a scanner, but you are on a card. And looking mahvelous!

Laura - I know what you mean. My house is small and Goldie is huge...scary.

SuperDes - yes.

Mom-101 - I know you are out there. And that you are my soul sister. And I CANNOT wait til you move to LA!

Christina - I wish Oscar had dog day care. Goldie does, at the grandparents' house.

Mrs. C - yeah, my heart breaks when Oscar cries. When Goldie gets well, we are going to try an introduction...slowly...she used to have a good buddy who was a German shorthair. Then if they get along ok, Oscar can at least come over here when I get home and not have to wait for his dad.

mothergoosemouse said...

I laughed about letting Goldie and Kelly fight to the death, but I want to smack your neighbor for how he's treating his dog.

If you've got any business cards for a dog-walking service, I'd highly recommend leaving one for him. It's not that expensive, and it's the right thing to do for the dog.

Izzy said...

Oh, poor doggie. I hate stuff like that.

And the cone is a regretful necessity sometimes...

Those cards sound so cool! I have a weakness for little things.

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