01 November 2006

A whole month of THIS?

M. Kennedy's NaBloPoMo challenge began today and the whining has started already.

Her deal is this: for the month of November, participants write a blog post every single day and write a comment on someone else's blog every single day. And at the end some of these bloggers will win small prizes.

She signed up over 400 bloggers for this task. Then they promptly began wanking about it.

"Post every day? OMG What am I going to write about? How will I ever do it??"

Oh, grow up, people. Have you ever noticed that writing a blog post is about as difficult as writing a grocery list, and sometimes far less interesting?

It's not like you're training for a marathon or meditating for 3 hours a day. You are writing a stupid blog post. No one is judging these things on their merits, anyway. You COULD write your grocery list and you still would have fulfilled your obligation - though in a pathetic, weak and wimpy way that I would be forced to make fun of on MY blog, so don't even think about it.

Whats the worst thing that could happen? "Maybe get a blister on your pinkie?" Maybe spill latte on your keyboard? Wah. Poor bloggers. So beleagured by this onerous task. Put up or shut up, thats what I say.

I'm not participating for several reasons. One, I post almost every day anyway. No big deal. Do you hear me complaining? No! Because when I was young, if we wanted to self-publish things we had to type them up and go to Kinkos and pay 8 cents a double-sided page to copy them and then we had to hand-fold and staple them and try to get our friends to read this shit, and if you try to tell kids how good they have it these days, will they believe you? No they won't.

Second, if I sign up and neglect do it, I will feel bad, and if I DO do it, I won't feel that all-fired great, so there is no gain in it for me, only the danger of failure. I'd rather cop out early while the failing is good.

Third, I don't see the merit of it, really. Does the world need more blog posts? It sounds pretty stupid to me, and I'm suprised that 400 people decided to go along with it. Maybe they're trying to suck up to M. Kennedy, because of how cool she is.

Fourth, I'm really just trying to win one of these. SJ? Are you listening?


Country Mouse said...

Heck, Suebob, I'll award you a golden shit-stirrer any day of the week. 30 of them if you post every day this month. Start a collection! Be the envy of the blogorhood!

K said...

I used to post everyday. Didn't get a damn button for it.


And the whole grocery list thing. Spot on, my friend.

Holly Capote said...

Ooh, Suebob, you put a bit of a bite in your post.

I love range.

Lisa said...

I know what you mean Suebob.

And country mouse? heeheee. A golden shit-stirrer. LOVE THAT.

Suzanne said...

I joined because I already post every day because I have a blogging addiction, so maybe I will win a random prize for it. Or even better, I will have a day where less than 50% of my hits comes from people looking for things like "grandma sex." I doubt that will ever happen, though, which is really OK by me.

madge said...

I do well under externally produced pressure, strange and meaningless though it may be.

I think I've already proven that self-induced pressure does nothing to get me off my bum.

But, I wouldn't mind one of those stirrers...y'all.

Chase said...

You shit-stirrer, you. LOL! I didn't join because I'm doing the other NaNo thing...and will probably go nuts enough with that one. :) (And yes, there was a hint of whining it there, too. Zip it!)

On another note...

Last night I had a dream that I went to Cher's house (why, I don't recall). She was giving me a tour of her newly remodeled bedroom and stopped at a big group of photographs that she explained were her "favorite portraits throughout the years."

She was flipping through and there was a big ol' picture of YOU! I squealed "SUEBOB!!!!! I KNOW HER!!!!"

And then we bonded, Cher and I...we bonded over a picture of Suebob.


ROFLMAO! Yes...I know. No need to say it. Heheheheh!! *hugs*

happy and blue 2 said...

umm..a dozen eggs

stampydurst said...

O.K. At first I thought, "That bitch! She is making fun of my whining. How dare she!" Then I got to the part where you, too, have set low expectations. Welcome to our world.

Since we're sharing dreams, I had a dream in which I was rollerblading all over florida. I had some kickass skates that did really well off-road. There was no Cher (fortunately) and no SueBob (unfortunately), but damn could I skate.

Stephanie A. said...

You totally deserve the gold shit-stirrer for this one.

VenturaMom said...

When I read that, I said, "Oh no you di-int," doing the whole finger in the air, head wiggle thing. Then I clicked over to the shit stirrer thing and cackled. Actually cackled! I am officially an old hen.

meno said...

HA HA Ha ha ha ha. *snort* Sing it sister.

I signed up to do it because i go for quantity over quality any day. I'm a sheep. Baaaaa.

jennster said...

i am totally not into this "contest" at all... i'm surprised so many people are. maybe i just hate jumping on any bandwagons?!?!

Mignon said...

Ha! You stole the words right outta my mouth. (Does that mean I don't have to post today, because WAAAAAA I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY NOW THAT YOU STOLE IT ALL WAAAAAAA)

Elizabeth said...

*getting comfortable on bandwagon*

I promise I'll try not to publish my grocery list, or what I'm watching on TV, or god forbid, what I ate for lunch (lest I incur the wrath of Maggie Mason). Come and read, or don't, or whatever. No guilt.

Eden said...

I thought the concept was pretty clear.

People could do a "30 things about me" and post one a day. They could make a list of "food I like" and each day have a post. How long would it take to type "cheese?"


Eden said...

BTW: I'm doing it b/c I covet the "I fuck like a girl" t-shirt.

Heather B. said...

Self publishing by going to kinkos? Wha? Did you get a lot of paper cuts back then?

My generation only has to deal with carpal tunnel from typing and retyping witty away messages and blog posts.

And here's a preview of my post for November 15th:

Is there a method to naming cheese or does it just happen at random?

I'm sure you're waiting with baited breath for that post.

Chair said...

I'm doing it for the hell of it. Because I need another excuse to not be packing. Because I'm on the net every day, anyways. But mostly, I'm doing it Just To Piss You Off.


julia said...

Oh, people are going to whine (my own self included) just like they used to whine about having to do a term paper (my own self included). It's what people do. Does. Whatever. People whine.

Oddly, I've found that I'm writing more coherently (not hard, admittedly) than I have been and that I actually come up with topics and opening and closing paragraphs. It's amazing. Next thing you know, I'll have flow charts and foot notes and Venn diagrams to supplement my posts. No, I won't. If I do, please come by and slap me.

jonniker said...

Don't you wonder if December will be NaNoBloPoNo month? Like, will they all be so fucking burnt out from the effort that they won't write anything at all?

I didn't do it because if I didn't have weekends to get away from the damn computer, I'd kill myself.

SUEB0B said...

Dang, no one fell for it. I expected at least one semi-hysterical defense of NaBloPoMo.

Suzanne - I hope you win!

Things I like to eat: cheese is right up there. I dunno about the naming. But "mimolette" is definitely my fav cheese name.

Julia _ I DEMAND Venn diagrams!!

SJ said...


Karen Rani said...

I love what SJ did and I'm totally on board with you. Lemminglicious!

I have a feeling if one of those megamotherefferbloggers held a nose-picking contest, they could get people to join. Seriously. I'm up to my eyeballs in Bloglines and there's only a few diamond-like posts in the rough. Alot of shit....alot of shit.

arse poetica said...

Ha! Good one, Suebob.

I didn't even know there was a contest. I'm just too lazy to write a novel. Blog posts are much easier and you get a nifty sidebar button to boot. Schweeeeeeeet!

nlocco said...

QUOTE: It's not like you're training for a marathon

... F.Y.I, i DO happen to be training for the marathon? [patnox.com]

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