25 December 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all warm and snug and happy with family and friends.

Mr Stapler and I cooked a fabulous Christmas Eve feast for his family yesterday (Where we explored the age-old question: can you put too much butter in the garlic mashed potatoes? The answer is no, you cannot).

Then we headed over to St. Joseph's Episcopal Church for the midnight service. The congregation is getting older, so the midnight mass is now held at 7 pm so everyone can get home for a nice snooze - which is okay by me.

There was a 16-page order of service, and that didn't even include the homily. Being a pagan Unity heathen, I had never experienced such a thing. My church is more Religion Lite or rush service dry cleaning - in and out in about one hour.

We sang all the carols! And all the verses! And then some verses that were not in the program! And the youth group did 3 skits on the "what if Christmas happened today?" theme.

The homily touched on the evils of fast food - "God gave Adam and Eve all the fruits and vegetables and herbs of the garden, and man invented McDonalds. And man gained 10 pounds..." Which was kind of odd, but as a vegetarian I appreciate the hat tip. It swung on into more traditional subjects by the end - Christ's redeeming love, and the importance of getting enough fiber. Alleluia.

This morning I am at Mr Stapler's, where there is no tree and no decorations. But there was one present for me...a new digital camera. Sweeeeeet!

Photos to come as soon as I read the 300 page manual.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes...the importance of fiber in one's diet cannot be emphasized enough. I speak from experience.

Congrats on your new camera!!!! I got a tripod. Woohoo :)

Lady M said...

Merry Christmas! Have fun with the camera.

Anonymous said...

I am very intrigued by the skits. Too bad you did not have your camera then. Still, enjoy!

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