04 April 2007

Today's Project

Dear Ramon,

You seem like a nice guy. I kind of wish you were a jerk.

I am sorry, but I am my father's daughter, which means I am a car salesman's worst nightmare. I am not going to be an easy sale. I am not going to fall in love with a car and "have to have it today." I am not going to discuss how much I have to spend. I am not going to tell you if I have a trade in, a down payment, or a loan pre-approval.

I am not going to give you my phone number or address "for insurance purposes." I am not going to sit down with you for a minute. I am not going to come inside.

I am going to see if my dog fits in the new Toyota Matrix by letting her jump up into your brand-new car, muddy boots and all. She fits! Yay.

I am also going to take the car on a test drive and see what happens when I floor it (not much) or take corners a little too sharply (does it always rattle like that?)

I am stubborn and obstinate, Ramon. But be glad. I'm only the daughter. You can call my dad if you want to see how bad it COULD be. Oh, I have stories. Do you want to hear about the time he walked out of a dealership because of an $11 charge that got tacked on at the end? My apple is resting right up against the trunk of that tree.

Here's the truly sad part: I am quite sure I am not going to buy a car from you. Have you heard of CarsDirect.com? Oooh, ouch, don't wince like that. I am sure someone, someday, will come along and buy a car from you.

But thanks for the test drive. The Matrix is off my list, by the way. Maybe I will come back tomorrow and check out the Scion.


Jamila Akil said...

Don't worry, the ennui should past. I think all bloggers eventually reach a sort of plateau where they feel like not blogging for a while and then one day they wake up and make 10 posts!

Or maybe your just tired of blogging altogether.

I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough.

super des said...

while I was in CA I had to go car shopping with my friend. One salesman's last name was McCool. That was the only thing he had going.

claire said...

heehee! good for you for standing up to the creepy car salesmen with their pushy, too-excited ways.

i can't believe you put your dog in the car, though. that takes some grapefruits on your part. :)

Waya said...

Where were you when we bought our van SueBob?! We could have used your Dad as well, these damn car salesmen, and we thought we were savvy customers but in the end we got ripped off on the paperwork! Can you believe it?! They jacked up the price on the paperwork and it was too late to change it. I'm still hitting myself from that!

Laurabob said...

pBut Ramon knows about the legendary Joe King, the one nobody could write up, the one that got away. It's his white whale, and when he recognizes you as the enemy of salesmen's daughter --- watch out!

Mignon said...

I wish I were an apple like you. I rolled very far away from the car-buying tree of my father. I nod dumbly at all the features and sign up for the 300 year warranty for an extra thousand and I always invite the vacuum salesmen inside to show me their hoses.

(Can you please do a review of garbage disposals? I have to buy one this week and will certainly purchase whatever the smooth saleslady tells me is the finest if I'm not prepared beforehand.)

MsLittlePea said...


chris said...

Can you come car shopping with me? Please?

We can bring your dog and my kids, with snacks. You know to see how the upholstery holds up.

one smarmy mama said...

The Scion sucks butt, IMHO. We test drove that boxy little one for the cute factor of not being lame parents, but it SUCKS. Test drive it with the AC, OMG a Geo has better power. It's loud, it feels cheap, the AC stinks, just no. I was not thrilled.

mothergoosemouse said...

hee hee hee

I hate car dealers. Hate hate hate. But I loooooooove you.

Lisa said...

Can you come with me the next time I buy a car? I need your help!

It could be worse. I bought my first car with my dad. The deal seemed a bit wierd at the time. But I kept my mouth shut thinking my dad knew what he was doing. He didn't. And the salesguy totally screwed me.

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