08 April 2007

Now from statland

Yes, folks, apparently this IS the Official Blog of Pissing Your Pants, according to my last 20 search stats:

funny peeing in your pants stories
embarrassing pee your pants stories
peeing in your pants
peeing in my pants stories
pms 32 red
i am peeing my pants
wetting my pants and peeing
peeing my pants stories
cyber boobs
red stapler
fiesta 1st cumpleaƃ±os
wet my pants
tanqueray and tonic
had to pee and wet my pants
the best margaritas ever
ventura thanksgiving
parade float chicken wire
apostrophe liberation front
garbage disposal clogged with sweet potato skins
but why lie
pee in pant

I am not sure that THIS is what I wanted to be famous on the internets for.


Suzanne said...

At least none of your search terms include "squirting grannies." That is the 5th most popular term for people finding my blog. Sigh.

Lisa said...

Oh that is funny. Hey, at least you're famous.

super des said...

At least you have a theme....
My blgo is randomly found with search terms never repeated.

Jessica said...

OK, can someone tell me what they use to find the search stats? I feel like a dunb-ass since I am the all-knowing internet queen, but the my server's stat page doesn't give me this info - or else I am missing it. What are y'all using?

SUEB0B said...

Jessica - I use statcounter.com - it is free, invisible and gives you the last 100 results. You can up that amount if you want to pay them.

MsLittlePea said...

Heehee! I'm not sure how but one of mine was 'merciless latex nurse massage'. Great- just the kind of reader I was aiming for..

wordgirl said...

I had no idea you were famous for this.

Mignon said...

Huh. I peed my pants yesterday playing basketball with my nephew, and it didn't occur to me to search for like-minded panty-pissers on the internet. I wish those that found you would've stayed to introduce themselves.

Working Girl said...

I think the apostrophe liberation front may be a terrorist punctuation organization -- be careful!

Maggie said...

This one: wetting my pants and peeing - umm if you wet your pants I would have thought the peeing part was a given.

Your list is hilarious

Alex Elliot said...

Apparently I'm the official "how to fake a British accent" blog.

jan@theviewfromher said...

This post and its comments were so funny I almost...well...you know.

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