27 July 2007

Good morning, Chicago

It feels almost like piling on the be all "Blogher, Blogher, Blogher" when so many of my favorite people aren'there.

But OMG Blogher, Blogher, Blogher.

The energy that comes from having so many smart, talented and dare I say beautiful women in one place is raising my vibratory level so high that I feel like I am on my third triple frappucinolatte instead of my second cup of the World's Worst Decaf.

So next year if you have to sell a kidney and leave your kids with your alcoholic uncle to come, I highly recommend doing so. No, I'm joking. Sell someone ELSE's kidney. With all the free drinks provided, you are going to need both of yours.

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Major Bedhead said...

It's worse than last year because this year EVERYONE I read (near enough) is at BlogHer and I'm sitting at home, fucking MELTING in the heat and reading all these posts by all these people that I love and they all say the same thing - "I'm at BlogHer and you aren't, so neenerneenerneener." Or maybe that's just me, being a jealous cow.

*sigh* I don't even have an alcoholic uncle with which to leave said children.

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