10 August 2007

Groovin to the music

My anonafriends and I went to the Ventura County Fair (yes, the very same fair that Queen of Spain had so much fun at the other day).

We were there to see The Bangles, not because we're huge fans, but because it was free with admission and our other choices were some country acts or REO Speedwagon.

(Have I ever told you about my theory that almost any punchline can be improved by inserting "REO Speedwagon" in it somewhere?)

The Motels opened. I had to look up their discography before the show to refresh my memory. Their big hits were "Suddenly Last Summer" and "Only the Lonely."

So there we were, sitting in those cheap-ass flimsy plastic folding chairs in the middle of the fair racetrack in the dirt, with the sun still up and the wind blowing off the ocean, listening to a band we barely remembered and weren't particularly fond of. The rest of the crowd was pretty quiet, too, huddled down waiting for the Bangles.

But it was all good, because we had kettle korn and each other, and we also had some real entertainment.

The guy down the row from us was one of those big, beefy, red-faced dudes. He wore all khaki (the army kind, not the Dockers kind) - shorts, vest, hat. He looked pretty shitfaced.

But dang he loved him some Motels. I really wouldn't have taken him for their target demographic, but there he was, standing up, dancing and looking overjoyed.

When "Only the Lonely" came on, he began lip synching all the lyrics, complete with hand gestures like tracing an arc through the sky with his index finger.

I loved it. My theory is, when you're feeling it, feel it. Shine on, you crazy diamond. Carpe diem.


super des said...

I saw th bangles at a county fair a while ago (isn't that sad for them?) and... they weren't as good as I'd remembered. I've also seen REO, tough they cost extra and their opening act was Joan Jett. That's who I went to see.

But I'm glad that one guy hsa having fun.

Jessica said...

REO! Every time I hear REO Speedwagon, I am transported back to Hot Wheels, waiting for some guy to ask me to "couple skate."

Dawn said...

You know - the phrase

"Dang, He loved him some Motels" is possibly the most underused phrase I have ever read in my life.

I have found that one true fan can transform a concert experience.

That man is a believer, man. A Believer.

Suzanne said...

You know, Stephen King just wrote a back page column for Entertainment Weekly with the exact same conclusion. But while I love my Uncle Stevie, I must say you got to the point more quickly and sweetly. Rock on, Suebob, and I am glad I am a floater in your lifestyle orbit.

QofS said...

Sounds like much more fun that looking at cows.


stephanie said...

Totally love this; I want to give that guy a hug! Not sure why, feels kinda weird actually...

I may be in someone's memory as the strangest site at Prince's Purple Rain concert in 1985 - I was 16, front row seat with my bff, and wore very little makeup, Normandy Rose jeans, penny loafers, & a purple sweatshirt (surprisingly, I did not pass out from heat exhaustion, or get mocked by all the half-naked fans). I could sing every song and loved each crazy moment.

Take it on the run, baby.

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