04 October 2007


Anyone watch my cousin Doug pitch for the Dbacks against the Cubs?

He and I are very, very close, you know.

All that aside, I still live and die with every pitch he throws. I can't help myself.

Who are you rooting for? Please say anyone but the Red Sox.

Go Angels!


Anonymous said...

Cousin Doug laid down one hell of a sacrifice bunt tonite, moving runners up to second and third,just in front of the Home Run. Please god, let the Angels win tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel Apologist.

ktjrdn said...

Boo. I'm a Cubs fan. No, just kidding. I kinda figured the D'backs were going to kick our asses. I just hope we can not get swept.

Anonymous said...

Go D-backs! A lurker from Phoenix :o)

margalit said...

Go Sox. Sorry. 3rd generation fan.

jessica said...

Um, being born and raised in Massachusetts, that'd be the Red Sox. I normally DO NOT CARE about professional sports, but I am a baseball fan, and a die-hard Sox fan - even when they suck.

Which makes my house a joyous place right now (not) as Geoff is a HUGE Yankees fan.

claire said...

Go Yankees!

Not that it matters to me so much, but if they lose, the boyfriend is going to be hard to be around for a week or so. :) Silly boy.

SUEB0B said...

Did I say NO SOX? You people, honestly.

sheryl said...

I love baseball.

(I can't help it but I am rooting for my hometown team I am not supposed to mention.)

meno said...

Is there still baseball going on? It seems to last forever.


QT said...

I normally do not get involved in baseball until playoff season - this year, I am loving the Rockies, can't say why, but I am.

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