14 October 2007

Product placement

I just took the BlogHer ads survey that is popping up in sidebars everywhere.

Some of the questions dealt with getting product recommendations from other bloggers and recommending products on your own blog.

I wish I could have answered something stronger than yes, maybe "HELL YES." I take product recommendations from people I like because at least one such suggestion has made my life - or at least my skin condition - so much better.

Amalah recommended Curel in the blue bottle for people with dry skin.

I had suffered for years with nasty horrible scaly skin on my lower legs and elbows. Honestly, my elbows were as hard and dry as those plastic dish scrubbies. It hurt to lean on them sometimes. Eeew. But Curel, ah, Curel. I had some wenches I met the other day kind of sneer when I told them about my Curel crush, because it is a drugstore brand and therefor not good enough for People Like Them, but my skin has never felt nicer.

Jonniker recommended Secret Platinum anti-perspirant. I didn't think much about it because I had been a Speed Stick unscented gal for 30 years. Then Speed Stick changed their formulation and I got an intensely itchy underarm rash that lasted for about 10 days. Oh, THAT was fun.

I tried the Secret and now I am hooked. The best part is that my underarms have a nice platinum shine (not really, but wouldn't that be weird?)

So now it is time for me to pay it back.

Suebob's amazing product recommendations:

If you wear contact lenses and have dry eyes, OMG get the Acuvue Oasys lenses. They are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn, hands down, far and away, insert other cliches here - they are just amazing.

And since I have wacky willful curly hair, I use (warning, site has Baaaad music)Rusk Str8 "product". I SO love it when stylists call the crap they slap on your hair "product." I don't know why it amuses me so. It is so perfectly generic. "Product." Snort.

It does not make my hair straight - that would take an act of Congress or a flatiron or something else that I am unwilling to torture myself with - but it does keep it from getting all Krusty the Clown on me AND it makes my hair nice and shiny. Ever since I bought the bottle about 3 weeks ago, people have been telling me how great my hair looks.

There you have it. Go forth and purchase in my name, people, forsooth I have seen the products and called them good.

Do YOU have any products I should try?

Neglect not your Linkateria. This edition contains a cute kitty story AND oral sex. Who can pass that up?


moosh in indy. said...

The Secret Clinical Strength stuff?
Vindicating YEARS of embarrassing pit sweat.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that deodorant also.

I am a drugstore sort of gal all the way. I really like this hair defrizzer (or something like that) by Pantene. It makes my hair shiny.

Heather B. said...
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Heather B. said...

Philosophy Hope in a Bottle. Makes my face look less like a flesh eating bacteria had gotten to it.

Stimey said...

Curel in the blue bottle, eh? Is your scaly skin psoriasis? (Is that too personal of a question?) I have psoriasis, so I wonder if the Curel would help with that.

Julie Marsh said...

Oooh, I will try Str8. Thanks for the tip!

Gotta echo Heather B. re Philosophy. I especially love the When Hope Is Not Enough spf moisturizer - very important living up at high altitude in a year-round sunny climate. I also love The Present - it's clear foundation, and it is incredibly good at disguising stuff.

Suzanne said...

I like Fructis shampoo. That's about it for my product usage. Once in a while, I remember to comb my hair and that is good.

However, if product recommendations can include food products, I love Stoneyfield Farm yogurt and Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs. So yummy.

Mignon said...

For hair/face/skin/pit product I got nothing. My Sure unscented must have recently changed formulas as well because now Unscented is Not-So-UN-Scented and I stink after a couple hours.

But like Suzanne, I have a snack recommendation: Gerber Graduates Dried Apples. They're perfectly satisfying and have a nice crunchy texture (my snacks have to have the crunch). Go forth and chew!

stasia said...

I have super curly hair, and I use Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness leave in creme. I put a bunch in my hair while it's wet and let it air dry. I get defined curls, no frizz, and it leaves my hair soft and light. Plus, it's $4 a bottle, so if you don't like it, you haven't wasted $20 on a bottle that will sit under your bathroom sink for years.

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