18 November 2007

Justice for jerks

This one for Meno, who says she loves it when jerks get their due:

Scene: major airport

A man berates a ticket agent in the rudest possible manner. The ticket agent keeps his cool and is extremely polite and professional. The man stalks off in a huff.

My friend JFE: Wow, that was amazing. That guy was such a jerk and you were so calm. How do you do it?

Ticket agent: Oh, that's easy. He's going to Philadelphia and his luggage is going to Atlanta.

That, my friends, is why you should try to be nice to the little people. Kindness pays, and so does jerkness. Just in different ways.


Shash said...

Note to self: when I go to the airport tomorrow to fly to Boston, BE VERY NICE to the airport staff.

My shopping addiction might depend on it. :)

Great post, Suebob!


Suzanne said...

That's pretty awesome. Although then I just feel bad for the person in Philly who is going to be yelled at. I guess the jerk's luggage will just never be recovered.

BOSSY said...

No the agent dih-int!

mamatulip said...


meno said...

Wonderful, i love that the agent just smiled politely, all the while plotting revenge. Heh!

elvie said...

Always wanted to do something like that to jerks. Don't think quick enough.

Alex Elliot said...

In some weird way, it sounds like that would make for interesting children's story. At least the moral would be a lot better than the ones in the stories that I normally read to my kids!

Chantel said...

We call that "Bitch Tax" where I come from . Bravo

Lara said...


stevie newton-john said...

Just found you through The Queen Of Spain & am sitting here laughing my ASS off! Thank you!

p.s. May I borrow "That makes me STINK!" from the more recent post?

Major Bedhead said...

Oh, that's fantastic.

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