04 March 2008

I would not have voted for Tracy Flick, either

It's not her hair.
It's not her voice.
It's not her age, or her wrinkles.
It's not her relationship with her cheating husband.

I'm disappointed in Hillary Clinton as a candidate.

In my mind, she has been suspect ever since she arrived in New York to run for Senator.

She hasn't done anything to assuage my suspicions.

  • She agreed not to count Michigan and Florida, but changed her mind once she "won."
  • She used her husband as an attack dog when she didn't want to look mean - Bill said Obama winning South Carolina was nothing "Jesse Jackson won there, too." (Translation: any black person can win SC).
  • She claims she has 35 years "experience" - at WHAT? She also claims the media is too nice to Obama, but have they ever totted up this so-called "experience"? Why not?
  • She put out the first fear-mongering campaign ad. The children! Think of the children!
  • She has said "Day One" so many times that it is beginning to sound like Rudy Giuliani's "9-11".

In other words, she makes me wonder if Karl Rove is secretly running her campaign. It sounds all too familiar. Business as usual. Business as dirty.

Meanwhile, Obama has acted in a fairly consistent gentlemanly manner.

Maybe Hillary is right. Maybe he is too naive to be president. He acts like a decent human, after all.


Blog Antagonist said...

I have not been impressed with Hilary's tactics lately either. Obama may have his faults, but I do believe in his sincerity. Hilary is about as genuine as breast implants.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Personally, I think it's less about Hillary herself and more about her campaign. No one knows how exactly to get EVERYONE in society to like one woman.

But Tracy Flick? That's a bit rough. The media has been extremely easy on Obama. But let's face it. You can make fun of a woman until you're blue in the face, but make one black man joke and you're a racist.

Go figure.

SUEB0B said...

MU - I think there are a lot of things you could make fun of about Obama, but no, his race is not one of them. Part of the genius of his campaign is that he is willing to make fun of himself and esp to let his wife make fun of him...and it all seems ok.

Anonymous said...

I support Obama but MU is right. I for one am very concerned about how much money Hillary has taken from lobbyists -- where is the media coverage on this. Instead, Hillary has taken a brutal beating in this race and most of it has been personal - her 'fat' ankles, her wrinkles, pantsuits, Americans don't want to watch a woman grow old (Limbaugh), she is where she is because her husband's philandering, etc. I think there is a lot to not like about Hillary and I love the idea of electing a black man with the middle name Hussein. I think what he represents to the world is an incredible alternative to what we and them have suffered for the last 7 years. But I am incredibly stunned by the depth of misogyny aimed at Hillary and I am stunned by how little the media feels they need to reign it in -- this simply would not be the case in the matter of Obama's race. Can you imagine if a newscaster accused Obama of 'pimping' out his wife by having her campaign for him -- we wouldn't be discussing the 'new' meaning of pimp because the message would be very clear.

I am all for attacking Hillary on her policies and her ideas -- but if you do, you are pretty much attacking Obama's policies and ideas as they are essentially the same. And because our media lacks the ability for critical or analytical thought they resort to reducing this race to a popularity contest. And they have effectively demonstrated that we as Americans are less offended by sexism than racism.

-- the green bicyclist

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Preach sister, preach!!! Everything you just said!

I was disappointed with the results here last night, and we could vote twice!

Keeping my chin up.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that as a woman, Hil has it tougher than any man ever would. But to me that is no reason to vote for her.

Day Dreamer said...

I'm voting for which one of them the Dems finally decide upon.

I see them as pretty equal.

The campaigns are always crappy.

Suzanne said...

Pat Schroeder, I miss you.

Anonymous said...

I hate campaigning.

I am tired of having to justify why I am a woman that is not voting for HC.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. She keeps going on about experience and I'm like "Uhm.....you guys have been senators about the same amount of time, right?"


Anonymous said...

Please allow an amused Republican to comment:
1. Hillary was the de facto White House chief of staff for 8 years.
This is no joke, folks. She ran the executive Branch. She was John Spencer on West Wing.
2. She has been a major player in the Senate for 8 years. Nobody is quite sure what Obama has been up to in the Senate during is impressive 3 year term.
3. To quote one of my favorites, Nelson Rockefeller, " politics isn't Bean Bag"... Obama has never run against serious opposition, and it is high time he was vetted a little bit. If he can't stand up to Hillary, how can he deal with McCain, or Putin, or the Chinese, or Ahmidijjhad, etc. ?

- Angel Apologist.

MsLittlePea said...

I'm just wondering if someone is going to come up with a solution to the Florida-Michigan problem now after last night or is it a bad thing for the Dems that we have no front runner yet? I'd hate for us to lose because we don't have a united party. As a Floridian, I feel like the state of Florida has disenfranchised my vote by breaking the rules so I'm hoping the party and both states can be fair and make it right, come up with a solution....

I'm definitely a feminist, but I'm not necessarily sure if ALL the attacks on Hillary Clinton are anti-woman rooted. I think there are a lot of people who just don't/never did like her for 'her.' I've never been in the 'I hate Hillary club' but I admit whatever her policies, she's just not perceived as "likeable". And although I don't think a President needs to be "likeable" to be a good one(just look at the little loveable bear we have now...<-snickering as I type that->), a candidate does to get elected. Unfortunate but true IMO. This does get me wondering though if there would be so much mudslinging if it were another woman running and not her though. It's not over for Obama so I wouldn't get depressed just yet.

daysgoby said...

Angel Apologist - Thank you for clearing that up - but where are the other nineteen years? (Out of the much-touted 35?)

WAIT.A.MINUTE. How old is Chelsea again???

I agree. From over the border she comes off cagey. Obama looks like a ray of sunshine and fresh air, although we haven't heard a lot of his plans and politics.

Major Bedhead said...

Maybe I'm listening to the wrong media but I have yet to hear anyone refer to Hillary's fat ankles or wrinkles or Bill's philandering when discussing her. They talked about the crying thing but they talked about it because they thought it was calculated, not because she's a woman and women cry. They talk about her campaign strategies and since both candidates have admitted that their platforms are pretty similar, there isn't much else to discuss.

Lara said...

Oh my god, that YouTube video is hysterical.

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