15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day

I started the day off by going grocery shopping with my dad, which is an adventure because he is both legally blind and very independent.

He is going to be 90 this year and still insists on manhandling the 40 lb bags of water softener salt. He's a tough one, that dad o'mine.

We continued our adventures by trying to wrestle mom's new queen size memory-foam bed pad into this zippered cover it comes in. Do not try this at home. Do not try this. After we were all sweaty and frustrated, we gave up and went and sat in the recliner chairs.

As I have said before, we know how to party!

I am lucky to not only have a superb dad but I get the pleasure of seeing my nephews be great dads, too. I am so proud of all of them for taking their fatherhood responsibilities so seriously and joyfully. They all really participate in the raising of their kids in a way that previous generations of men did not. I think it is a good deal for everyone involved.


jenijen said...

I don't think it can really be called Father's Day without sitting in a recliner at some point.

g said...

Recliners rule!

whall said...

I completely forgot to do my recliner duty today!

Please don't revoke my daddy license.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Ninety and shopping and manhandling the salt! Wow!

SUEB0B said...

The salt manhandling is nothing compared to trying to get a 60x80 foam pad into a zippered cover on a summer day!

Mrs. G. said...

Your dad sounds like a real man. I love them.

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