11 June 2008

Is it just me? Part 6002

Suebob: I would like an unsweetened iced coffee (in my own cup) and a chocolate chip cookie.
Starbucks Dude: Um. Would you like black, green or passionfruit?
Suebob: Unsweetened iced COFFEE.
Starbucks Dude: Oh. And what else did you want?
Suebob: A chocolate chip cookie.
Starbucks Dude: That will be $3.70
Makes change, wanders off. After about a minute, he turns, sees me waiting and realizes he forgot...the cookie.
Is it that hard? Really?

Menu: The super burrito comes with your choice of chicken or steak, beans, rice, cheese, tomato, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream.
Suebob: Can I get a super burrito without meat?
Girl: So you want it with chicken.
Suebob: No, no meat.
Girl: What do you want then? No meat?
Suebob: No meat.
Girl: But what do you want then?
Suebob: Just everything else.
Girl: Like what?
Suebob: Beans, rice...
Girl: You want a bean and rice burrito.
Suebob: All the stuff that is on a super burrito.
Girl: Beans and rice and anything else?
Suebob: Beans, rice, cheese, lettuce, tomato...
Girl: Is that it?
Suebob: Some guacamole or avocado if you have it.
Girl: writing very slowly Burrito with rice, beans, cheese, what else?
Suebob:Tomato, lettuce and guacamole.
Girl: writing very slowly Tomato, lettuce? Lettuce?
Suebob: Yes, and guacamole.
Girl: writing very slowly Guacamole.
Suebob: Yeah, that sounds great.

And yet I never start screaming. Remarkable, no?


Mrs. G. said...

You must have had your zen on BIG TIME.

Sister Wolf said...

And do you like it when your waiter says "Are you still working on that?"

I still haven't come up with a suitable reply. Can you help?

super des said...

Chicken is totally not meat.Reminds me of the time I asked for no beef on my nachos, and I got steak instead.

If they were smart, they wouldn't be taking food orders.*

*I HAVE known a lot of smart people in the service industry, but they always moved on to something bigger and brighter. It's the ones that are still there that you have to worry about.

Average Jane said...

Regarding the burrito: how could anyone in the food service industry these days NOT be cognizant of non-meat options for any given dish? I have dozens of vegetarian friends who order meatless versions of menu items all the time.

Count Mockula said...

I like the "No meat," "Chicken, then?" conversation. I've had that one, as well as the offer for fish. (Although given Catholocism's hold, that one makes sense. You can't have meat on Friday, so you have fish.)

Project Christopher said...

I've never performed brain surgery, so if I were having trouble with a neurosurgeon I'd be hard pressed to complain...
However, I have served food, schlepped fries and beer, etc. so I can complain and say it is NOT that hard.... But I say it to myself... all I need is a big snotty hocker floating in the mayo on my burger...

BTW, LOVE Super Des story about no beef on nachos, but got steak... durh.

Lisa said...

Don't ever ask for "tap water" with your meal. Because they may tell you "we don't have that here." Oy!

TraceyTreasure said...

Whatever you do, DON'T SCREAM! My Dad screams and I'm pretty sure he eats a lot of other people's spit!

MsLittlePea said...

Ha! That happened to me today! I asked for a decaf. And the girl asked, So you want a double shot (of espresso) then?
I do love Starcrack though, oops I mean Starbucks. I truly do.

TraceyTreasure said...

If you have time, please take the caffeine test on Green-eyed Mama. I really want to know how you do! Thanks! Hugs!

Suzanne said...

Hmmmm... do you have Cosi out there? Because every time I order a CHAI TEA latte, they give me an espresso latte, and then when I say that is not what I ordered (at this point, I even ask as they get the cup out what they are making me because I know they will screw it up unless I intervene), they say, OK, then charge me for the more expense espresso drink. Then they seem puzzled when I ask for a refund. I am at the point where I order a CHAI TEA and then they ask if I want a chai tea latte or just tea, and I say CHAI TEA latte, and then they make me an espresso.

I swear, my blood pressure just shot up from writing this.

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