09 July 2008

Better and better

I was just commenting to Heather B on how far we have come since 2006 when she and I were attending our first BlogHer and making miserable, disjointed awkward conversation around the San Jose Marriott bar.

Somehow we knew even then, in the midst of our biggest spasm of self-consciousness, that we were kindred spirits. We spent our time together at BlogHer 2007 trying to reconcile a huge dinner bill that almost made us weep with its hugeness (as Heather said "It had a comma.")

And this year, we are to appear onstage together at the BlogHer Community Keynote. This is a brilliant idea - instead of having a speech, bloggers will be reading 2-3 minute posts they have written. BlogHer invited bloggers to submit their favorite posts in four categories (rants, parenting, blogging about blogging and humor). Then they chose 16 of us to represent. Gulp!

Some of my other favorite bloggers will be there, including Mom 101, Moosh in Indy, Joy Unexpected, Schmutzie, Deb on the Rocks, and Fluid Pudding.

We will all be reading some sort of blog post. Mine prominently features one of my fellow Keynoters, though I am sworn to secrecy about which post I am reading. Hee!

I'm just proud that in 3 short years, we have come from being the geekiest kids at the bar to being the geekiest kids on stage. THAT is progress.


Kizz said...

I wish I were going to be there to see it live. I hope someone will record it for posterity.

super des said...

I need to stop reading blogs for a while. All my bloggy friends are going to BlogHer, and a lot are speaking, and one even has a book signing. And it's in San Francisco, my fave city. So instead of being excited for everyone, I am feeling bitter and left out.

----> Secret jealously.

moosh in indy. said...

It only took me one year to get geeky! I'm so honored to share the stage with you.

Elan Morgan said...

I am honoured to be on stage with YOU. We are going to be in such esteemed company up there. Eep.

Heather B. said...

Dude, the dinner bill should not have a comma. A COMMA.

And this is going to be a lot of fun. Even for a socially awkward introvert with a deep fear of public speaking, it will still be fun. I'll need medication and therapy after but still! FUN!

We're awesome and I'm proud of us.

Angela said...

Double to what Schmutzie said. Crazy exciting.

AND, ladies and gentleman, I am the proud roommate of Ms. SueBob.

Someone really needs to pinch me right about now. (Um, figuratively.)

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

I am looking forward to it immensely.

Mom101 said...

I would offer to hold hands up there but I fear mine will be very sweaty.

Congrats Suebob. Off to read your entire archives now to try to figure out what they picked.

Suzanne said...

I was so, so, so happy to read that you were selected, and I could not agree more. Not only are you a wonderful writer, but you are a fabulous person and a real connector of people. I'm looking forward to it.

Deb Rox said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you and all of these smarties!

Anonymous said...

Most Exalted Sister Davis, I salute you on this super fantastic achievement! Bravo!

I'm also miserable out of my mind that I won't be in attendance. I will console myself by making an offering in your honor to one of the many Hindu gods available for worship on Bali.

Yer Sister Davis

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