15 July 2008

Inspiration in odd places

I was listening to the news on the radio tonight and there was an interview with someone from a cable TV network. He was asked if he compared his network to HBO.

"We used to, but not anymore," he said. "Since we have been doing so well, we don't even think about them. It is only when you are insecure that you worry about the other guy."

Indeed. Aren't the most miserable people on earth the ones who are always worrying about what the other guy is doing? Jealousy says a lot more about the jealous than the jeal-ee, or whatever the word is.

Been there, done that, and I hope in the future I am quicker to recognize the symptoms of the illness. When I start thinking about how messed up other people are, I'm not fulfilling my own potential. Period.


Velma said...

So simple, so true.

thailandchani said...

Very true!

KiKi said...

Very eloquent.

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