23 July 2008

The other BlogHer thing

This year I was lucky enough to participate in the first BlogHer Community Keynote. Twenty of us bloggers were selected to read posts that were supposed to be 2-3 minutes long - some were much longer, but it was really all good.

We read in the St. Francis Hotel Grand Ballroom in front of an audience of about 500. If I live to be 100, I am sure the experience will rank in my fondest memory file right up there with the time I got to swim with the U.S. Men's Olympic Water Polo team.

Backstage with all the others, I was very nervous until I had the sudden realization: "Hey, I used to read my POETRY in public. So I have read much, much worse crap than this before." Then I was only twitchingly nervous, as is evidenced in the video.

Still, I was so spun by the experience that when I looked at the red stapler photos I took of my fellow readers backstage, there were several people I could neither remember reading nor could identify. I had to look at the BlogHer website to try and parse their names.

But it was good times. People were brave. They read stuff that was heartbreaking, tender, funny, good, scary. Check out the video, which didn't get it all, but is as good as it gets if you weren't there. Next best thing: Fussy has links to all the readings and you should really not miss Lesbian Dad, Mr. Lady and Casey of Moosh in Indy. Oh and Yvonne of Joy Unexpected, who made me cry in a ugly, sobby, palm-biting kind of way. Thanks, Y, for making me ruin my mascara. No, really, it was great.

You also need to go read Jenny the Bloggess's post and THEN watch the video because the sound quality really sucks a bit and it is much easier if you have gotten the gist of it first. But baby, that woman is FUNNY.

I hate to say "you shoulda been there" but you shoulda been there.

In other excellent news, I FINALLY decided which SuperHero necklace to buy (the lovely "Sea Glass" model, which is modeled on the site by the lovely Karen Wolrond). Only took me 3 years, and I am wearing it here with Dana of The Dana Files.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are one of my favorite people of all time and that compliment is going on my wall.

You = amazing. And the keynote? Absolutely one of the best experiences in my life. Both because I was able to conquer some demons and because I was able to meet such amazing people like you.

Karen Bodkin said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Jenny is so freaking funny!

Anonymous said...

The community keynote was a big highlight of the conference for me. I hope it continues.

I think everyone had spent the past two years deciding on a Superhero necklace - they were everywhere! (Including around my own neck.)

Project Christopher said...

"Photo with Jenna" says it's private? Wanna see!!!!! :)

Suzanne Reisman said...

The community keynote was awesome. I was awed by everyone's writing, and I felt proud to know you. I was puffing out my chest while you were reading, like "That's my friend up there!"

Mrs. G. said...

Thanks for all the great links-I'm going to pour myself a cup of coffee and watch. Oh, and I love all your red stapler pix-they were the only ones I have been anxiously awaiting.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I love your necklace! It goes with your shirt so nicely! I will watch the video later. I just had to let you know that I'm in the market for a red stapler and I will post a picture of me with it when I find the right one!! Thanks for the pictures and the links and the video!! Wish I could've been there!! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

For real. Best necklace color combination. I'm going to have to get one. I can't not be the only uncool one in the whole blogosphere! :)

moosh in indy. said...

I want to be a mythical hobbit too. :)

Lu said...

The community keynote was great. so many wonderful writers and so inspirational.

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