04 August 2008

Sunday in Summer

CC and Ish, Ish's mom and I went to a concert at the County Fair.
Ish and CC at Los Tigres Del Norte
Did Los Tigres del Norte rock the house? Why, yes they did. In powder blue suits. With rhinestones. Vaya!

Los Tigres del Norte
If that music doesn't make you shake your tailfeather, I hate to tell you, but you might just be dead.


Minnesota Matron said...

Shaking her booty!

Ladyhawk said...

What does Vaya translate as? Sounds like fun to me, and I can shake the tail feathers!

SUEB0B said...

Ladyhawk - Vaya translates literally as "Go" but can also be an exclamation like "Wow!"

Suzanne said...

I love county fairs! Looks like a rollicking good time. My eyes are turning green.

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