08 September 2008

Monday report

There is an article in the NY Times this morning about Stephanie of Nie Nie Dialogues and the amazing response by the blogosphere to the accident in which she and her husband, Christian, were badly injured.

I love that this is happening. As the article says, Stephanie touched so many people because she tried to express a sense of joy and happiness on her blog.

I have been doing some digging lately, trying to find what makes me really happy. Hint: it isn't what you see on commercials. Rarely does my new carpet cleaner make me dance around in giddy circles.

Here's my list of some of the top happiness-generators:

  • Giving. So much fun

  • Expressing creativity through words, photos, dance

  • Helping family and friends

  • Hanging out with people I like, even if we are just sitting on the front steps yakking

  • Being in control of my reactions, so I am not at the mercy of other people's emotions

  • Being able to take care of myself financially, emotionally, physically

  • Taking a stand when I need to

  • Noticing beauty everywhere

  • Being reliable and working hard to fulfill my commitments
For instance, as far as giving goes, I have been handing out "Wag More. Bark Less" magnets and stickers. I bought ten of each and gave them to random people, some of whom I already knew and others who were strangers (for instance, Max's parents got a sticker). It made them smile and made me feel like I had spread a little ray of sunshine.

Those are a few of my favorite ways to be happy. What are some of yours?


Swistle said...

Wait. I want a WHOLE POST on being in control of reactions, and how to do it. Kthanx.

What makes me happy is baking for people, especially people in rough situations.

Mayberry said...

For me it's all about the carpet cleaner.

OK, no. But maybe if my husband were using it, like say right after the dog threw up. Then I'd be very happy!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I love the Wag more, Bark less sticker idea.

g said...

I LOVE those "wag more bark less" stickers. What a great idea!!

god, I wish I could ratchet up the happiness factor right now. right now I am seriously hating my job.....

I try to talk myself into a positive attitude each day. I do work with great people - that's the blessing. But our bureacracy is just tooooooooo cumbersome and oppresssive, and it KILLS motivation.

Oh, well, Enough complaining.

Wag more! Bark Less!

Diego said...

I like making trouble.

I also like coming here to realize that some people are actually decent human beings who make an effort to add to the light.

Avitable said...

I hadn't heard about that blogger's accident. The support for her is amazing!

I'm happy when I find a new good restaurant.

claire said...

I found out about Nie Nie last week and went to go read about her. She really sounds like a wonderful person and it's so inspiring to see all of these people/bloggers coming out of the woodwork with support and love for her and her family. Such a sad story, but also so uplifting.

Surrounding myself with warm and caring people make me happy.

Gwen said...

ABBA (in measured doses) makes me happy.

And baking.

Cheesy Scandinavian pop music and a good cookie--I'm obviously easy to please.

Issas Crazy World said...

Hanging out on the porch with friends and family is one of my all time favorite pass times.

I'll add to it: Taking my kids to feed the ducks at the park. Baking cookies with my mom and girls, for family at Christmas. Playing wii with my husband after the girls have gone too bed. Contractions....ok maybe not, but it would so make me happy right now.

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