11 October 2008


Fire in relation to my house

Yeah, this afternoon has been kind of wack. There's a fire about 3 blocks away in the riverbottom where homeless people camp, fortunately across a highway. The wind is blowing super hard in my direction and I kind of hemmed and hawed about what to do.

I packed some essentials in the car (laptop! HELLO!) and Goldie and I went up the hill by the park with the rest of the west end's population to take a look and shoot photos.

After determining we were in no great danger, we bought some Mexican popsicles (paletas) and returned home. We got pecan and rice pudding flavors. I must say paletas flavors rule all over American popsicles. Rum raisin, anyone?

Warily keeping an eye on the County Fire web page and the California Highway Patrol page. The worst part is that the 2 helicopters on scene keep setting off all the car alarms in the area, which makes it sound like something terrible is happening.

Updated to add: The fire was contained by 3:30. At about 5:30, Goldie and I went down to wave goodbye to the firefighters and yell "Thank you!" It is a fine California fire-season tradition.


Kizz said...

I'm so sorry that it's all alarmy and smoky and weird. Even if I knew that everything was OK all that hoopla would ratchet my blood pressure right up. Hope you and Goldie can get some relaxation.

brandy said...

Yikes! I'm glad that your place is okay despite everything is going on. As for your popsicles you speak of... I think I need to google and learn more.

Anonymous said...

Thank God it didn't escalate. I'm always freaked out after reading a few stories about the wildfires of years past that my sister has forwarded on to me from her paper, The Contra Costa Times. It's given me a whole new respect for the wickedness of these things, and I'm glad this one was contained quickly.

Amy Sue Nathan said...

Glad you're safe.

Um, could you live someplace MORE beautiful though? Even with the smoke? Gee whiz! Mountains, ocean...I hate being land locked on the plains!

danielle said...

Now for a dose of irrelevancy, that I hope you don't mind too much, because it's about how awesome this site is: this blog is awesome! I'm having a great time reading all your older posts...found you via a comment on Passive Aggressive Notes. Stalky, hey? But still...you're a good writer!

Aside: On the 'exotic popsicle' front, I recommend anything made by an Indian dessert place in your area!! Yum.

SUEB0B said...

@Amy nathan Yes, even though I have lived here my whole life, I walk around smiling at how gorgeous it is!

@grumpus I am flattered!

Suzanne said...

Wow, I am glad that you are OK. And I hope that we can go for paletas on my birthday. That would be awesome.

mar said...

glad you & goldie are okay! lots of firefighters in my family (volunteer since we have no permanent ones locally).
also, those flavors sound yum!

Glennis said...

Good luck, Sue. We're getting the smoke.

Were you near the Porter Ranch fire or the one over by Lakeview Terrace?

Hope they are containing them both.

Anonymous said...

Up here in Santa Cruz, we not only wave our fond farewells to the departing firefighters, we also perform Wiccan rituals and burn sage in their honor. Try to out-New Age that, Sister Davis.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad of me to wish for a fire nearby just so I can yell and wave at the Hot Firemen?

(Kidding. Glad your house is okay!)

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