25 November 2008

A couple things I am thankful for

My other living room
My other living room

This beautiful place
View from Cemetery Park


LittlePea said...

Viva California!

I was debating whether or not to ride over to the beach because it's so windy outside but after seeing that first pic, I'm going to the beach right now.

super des said...

Those are some damn fine pictures, miss.

Anonymous said...

I love the sunset on the beach! I keep hoping that the beaches down here will be recovered after Ike. I miss the smell of seaweed, the feel of crushed shells, the occasional pile of dog crap...no no no not that last one, I meant the sound of rushing of the waves, THAT was what I meant!


Suzanne said...

I cannot wait to visit you. Four weeks or so!

Glennis said...

Amazing. Isn't it great to live here?

My only problem is that so often I just drive past it without really SEEING it.

Grumpy but sweet said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful.

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