09 February 2009

Sisters are doing it for themselves

I am not quite sure why making my own dog food seems so empowering.

It might be because I never thought I could make something so cheap and easy that would be so good for my dog...I trusted pet food manufacturers to know what was best and somehow did not trust myself.

Then came the melamine contamination, the problem that pushed me into super-premium pet food brands. Soon I was spending upwards of $3 per day on dog food.

I have been making Goldie's food for about 3 weeks. She loves it. I love to cook, so cooking for my dear girl isn't that onerous, even if it does contain ---ewwwww--- meat.

My only concern is that she likes it too much. When she was eating commercial food, she was always a diffident eater, often skipping meals, sometimes for more than a day.

Now she bugs me for food all the time. It's quite gratifying.

What's next? Laundry Soap.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I have quite a few online friends who cook for their dogs. More power to ya!

My dog has a very delicate stomach, and while I know home cooked food would work well for her, I have too much carpet to risk trying to figure out which ones work and which ones don't. ;) Hint, anything other than her super premium brand lamb and rice dog food gives her the runs all over the house. Sigh.

g said...

I made Kotsie's food when he was so ill, before he died. You can get a couple turkey legs or thighs and either bake or poach them, makes lovely meat at a good price.

Some people say you should also add canned pumpkin to homemade dog food - vitamins I guess? rice, grains, oatmeal is good, too.

apathy lounge said...

Yes, laundry soap. With lye. Just like Ma Ingalls.

CharmingDriver said...

I haven't gotten industrious enough yet to tackle homemade dog-food but I DO love making candles and soap. It's easy peasy but yeah, like you, makes me feel somehow...accomplished.

QT said...

I used to make my Rott's food. I didn't cook anything tho - raw meat at night, pureed veggies with a whole raw egg (including the shell) in the morning. Have you tried throwing a few anchovies in there? I bet Goldie would go nuts! You may want to offer her a doggie after-dinner mint that night. :)

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