30 April 2009

Things that make it all worthwhile

Last night Adam Avitable wrote a horrible post about the swine flu. Nothing new - Avitable ONLY writes horrible posts.

I don't know why I keep reading him. Except that he brings out my inner 12-year-old boy and makes me laugh til I snort. Or pee. Or both.

Last night's post was no exception. It was a list of hints about the swine flu, very serious hints, (yeah, right) including this gem:
Q: Can I get swine flu from eating or preparing pork?

A: No, with a small exception. IF the pork product is particularly fresh and IF the product contains any pork anus, such as in a hot dog or sausage, the CDC recommends avoiding these products or cooking in boiling water for a minimum of 12 minutes to rid the chance of infection.

That made me laugh, so I tweeted part of it.

Two minutes later, I got followed by someone whose twittername is "SwineFluAdvice."

THAT made me laugh until I wept. I just imagined poor "SwineFluAdvice" spreading the Avitable gospel of cooking your fresh pork anus well and...oh good gosh. I hope they don't get sued.

I KNOW Avitable won't get sued, because any judge who took a look at his site - the header shows Adam riding in a car with Hitler, eating ice cream - would know he isn't right in the head.

But poor SwineFluAdvice. I'm kind of worried about them.


Avitable said...

Well, and the category under which it's posted is called "satire." Although it would be amusing if people thought it was true.

Eden said...

So does this mean we CAN eat porcine anus? B/c otherwise my lunch plans are ruined.

flutter said...

Oh, avitable.

mg said...

We now have the great sausage flu scare of 2009 set off like a prairie fire by Twitter. I suppose you made be partly to blame.

Carnitas is not a crime!

Staci said...

Oh my god that is so funny -- I had never heard of him before, thanks for linking!

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