08 July 2009

Dog's Life

Schmutzie commented the other day that she likes it when I post photos of Goldie, because she always looks so happy.

Let us delve into what it is like to be Miss Goldie. Thus, her daily schedule:

5:15 Awaken Suebob
5:30 Awaken Suebob more forcefully, get scratched and praised for 5 minutes
5:40 Go outside to survey the yard, chase birds and check for evidence of cats. Eat cat poop.
5:45 Go back to sleep on couch
Dogs get tired
6:15 Sleep on bed while Suebob takes a shower in order to keep an eye on her
6:25 Get scratched on the belly
6:45 Go outside, wait by car
6:50 Come back in, sigh, and look at Suebob meaningfully - hurry up!
7:05 Arrive at grandparents
7:07 First snack of the day
7:15 Chase birds
7:20 Go back to sleep
7:45-9:00 Demand to be let in and out to amuse self with grandparents
9:30 Sit on patio with grandparents, get scratched and treats
9:45 Chase birds in the backyard
9:50 Sleep on grass after rolling around for a while
11:30 Beg for food at lunch
11:45 Dog food
12:00 Naptime
2:30 Awake for snacks and Judge Judy
3:00 More nap
3:15 Walk with grandpa
3:40 A snack might be good
3:45 Sleep
5:07 Play catch in back yard
6:00 HOME! HOME!
6:05 Torment dogs next door through the fence
6:15 Snack
6:20 Tired. Nap.
7:00 WALKIES!!!!!!
Goldie crosses the creek
8:00 Home. Drink 1 gallon of water. Cool off under open window.
8:10 Sleep
8:30 Perhaps a bite to eat
8:40 Sleep on couch

I have no idea why she always looks happy in photos. Right.


Heidi Rose said...

What a great life.

meno said...

I bet there's lots of sniffing involved too. Sucks to be her! :)

Jessica said...

I love Goldie.

Foxy's Day:

5:30am - hear "awake noise" crawl off Mommy's head to sit on Daddy's chest.

6:00 - Watch Sports Center in bed with Daddy while getting head continuously rubbed.

6:30 - Stand on table and SCREAM for food.

7:00 - go out "cat window" to yard with Pablo. Hunt. Kills cute furry things.

7:30 - 5:00pm Sleep. Eat. Hunt. Use box. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

5:00 - Mommy's Home! Scream for head rubs. Scream for food.

7:30 - Daddy's Home! Sit on Daddy's lap and get belly rubs, head rubs. Pablo might join in. Pablo smells like outside and Dead Things.Do this all evening. Occasionally switch to Mommy's lap.

11:00pm - Make self comfy on Mommy's head. Get annoyed when she kicks me off her head. Wait for snoring noise and then reposition self on head.

Dingo said...

Goldie should try taking it easy. With that demanding schedule she's not going to have much time to slip in additional photo ops.

Lucy said...

What about sniffing? She must be sniffing some, too. Very adorable.

Lucy said...

Oh someone said that already. How awkward. Well it must be very true.

Dave and Paula said...

You are such a good Mom!

Scientific Lutheran said...

I thought I'd quite lurking and leave a comment. I haven't done that in awhile.

I have 3 cats.

Puffalump stays inside almost all time.

Howler goes out in the morning, does heaven only knows what, and wont' come in until it's nearly dark

Annie, somewhere in between? If I'm home she's in and out of the cat door all day.

Ahh, the life of a well loved pet.

Mary said...

This almost sounds like Ramses' schedule only he only gets car rides to Grandpa and Grandma's house on the weekend. And he plays with their Candy. (And he doesn't like Grandpa to pet him. But he'll take the treats thankyouverymuch.)

apathy lounge said...

It's a full life!!

Schmutzie said...

She lives like a retired toddler. Awesome. I want some of what she has.

Elaine said...

Your dog has it made! Sheesh. You are awesome to give her such a wonderful life.

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