14 October 2009

In which I am maddeningly oblique

I told the World Famous Blogging Couple that I met for dinner tonight that I would write a maddeningly oblique post about them. See, they are breaking up but doing it gracefully and happily and maybe not really THAT breaking-uply and they may not be ready to go public with it.

Or maybe they are.

See how I am? Maddeningly oblique.

But more importantly, the man of the couple did something that filled me with joy.

He ate his salad with his fingers, dunking pieces of it in his dressing. YES! I am not the only person in the world that does this!

Salad. It is meant for fingers. Yes, I said it. Nothing is more unmanageable (except maybe peas) with a fork. And I was taught to never use a knife on salad. So. Unwieldy pieces, flapping free, covered with dressing.

A disaster waiting to happen.

Better to do as Mr. Mystery Blogger does and pick up and dunk. Come on. Try it. You know you want to. You could be a trendsetter for once. I know it didn't work out with the high-waisted jeans, but this may stick. Suebob says so.


Kim said...

I absolutely eat my salad with fingers and dip in the dressing. You get less dressing that way! Who needs all that dressing!

Suzanne said...

I also have been known to pick up lettuce and dip it. I'm convinced there's more control over the amount of dressing that is consumed when you eat it that way.

Maggie said...

I've never heard of eating salad with fingers. I sense a lunch salad home alone getting the try out soon.

becky @ misspriss said...

maddeningly oblique, indeed.

i don't use a knife, but i can't bring myself to use my fingers on a salad. not even for arugula. i think it's the goat cheese's fault. too sticky. ;)

Brenda said...

Just make "salad rolls", isn't that all hip now. Lettuce instead of bread?

When I make salad I cut it to "my mouth size" pieces. Not "frat boy who can fit a whole whopper in his mouth" size. Those "one bite brownies" are clearly 3-4 bites, easy.

But fingers sounds like the way to go.

Joe Crawford (artlung) said...

Suzanne's rationale is the correct one. Also, am I de-obliquing your post by commenting?

Also, I made up the word "obliquing" and also "de-obliquing" for this comment.

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