09 October 2009

The same but different

I took the day off to hang out with my sis, who is visiting from the great Pacific Northwest, so I got to sleep in.

I stumbled out of my bedroom and flipped on the radio..."Obama still has not come out to speak on winning the Nobel Peace Prize."

The Nobel Peace Prize? OBAMA WON the Nobel PEACE PRIZE?

I whooped and began howling with laughter and delight.

Do I think he deserved to win? Heck no. It just made me laugh and laugh to imagine the outrage of the rabid right-wingers.

It was like the mirror image of how us lefties felt as we watched George W. Bush and the Cheney/Rove juggernaut roll over our Constitution.

Tha Patriot Act. Dismantling habeas corpus. Torture. Holding people without charge or trial. We watched it all with horror, helplessness and dismay.

It makes me laugh to see the other side have the same feelings as they watch Obama roll merrily along, garnering the admiration of the world. The Nobel prize. ¡Que rico!

Ok, Rachel Maddow put me in my place:

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constant gina said...

Congratulations President Obama.

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