23 October 2009

Senas, bet dar gyvas

(The title is Lithuanian, from a t-shirt Mr. Mojo used to wear. It means "Old, but still alive.")

The free Picnik online photo editing software I got at BlogHer has led to the recent spate of rotating blog headers.

I started playing with the program and just could not stop. FUN!

This week's header is in homage to Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player ever.

(I KNOW Magic and Kareem and LeBron are great. But nobody, nobody, will ever top Jordan).

When I went to name my blog, http://redstapler.blogspot.com was taken by someone who put up one lousy post and never came back, so I needed to add a lucky number to my URL.

I chose 23, Jordan's jersey number, because Michael could fly and because he was magic.

If you can watch old video of Michael playing for the Bulls and NOT get a thrill, I think there is something sad and cold and dead inside you.

If I ever stop enjoying watching those games, you can whack me in the back of the head with a blunt object and leave me in a ditch, because life won't be worth living anymore.


Piece of Work said...

LOVE MJ! As a unc alumnae, I am of course biased, but . ..MJ. He was completely out of this world. I had that poster of him, with just his arms and I swear in spanned one whole wall of my room. Granted, small room, but still. Thanks for this, SueBob!

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

Been lovin' the header parade.

ptooie said...

Once I stopped being caught off guard by the different header each day I've really looked forward to seeing what it will be.

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