07 January 2010

Trial period

We got a new aqua aerobics teacher tonight. It was a little rough, but we will break her in eventually.

Her thing is that she yells, a la Jillian Michaels, and she wants us to yell back at her.

"Feeling good?" she yells about every 3 minutes. We are supposed to answer "Feeling good."

"No sweat?" she yelled at least 10 times during class. She got a few feeble "No sweat" replies.

The other thing she loves to say is "Pay attention to your body."

To which I replied "If I had paid attention to my body, I'd be out eating ice cream right now."


Jessica said...

OMG, I'd have to kill her.

Lynnea said...

sometimes motivational borders on psychotically peppy. i'm not that into psychotically peppy.

Isabella Golightly said...

Maybe you could *accidentally* hold her head under water for a while? I'd be killing her too. For sure.

Glennis said...

You ARE tolerant, just for staying in class. I'd have left after the first "feeling good" shout!

My current aerobics instructor is my 3 year old malamute cross who likes a long walk each morning.

apathy lounge said...

My trainer always says stuff like "No hill for a climber" and "No play for a player".

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You are awesome.

Did she come after you?

Hilary said...

I can handle Jillian via DVD but I don't know how I'd do being barked at live and in-person, I am impressed.

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