30 April 2010

WTF Friday

Things I Just Don't Get

  • The appeal of "The Jersey Shore"

  • Classic Rock Stations. Ok, every once in a while. But ALL THE TIME?

  • People who don't like dogs

Goldie stuck her head in the trash can that had hair dye in it.
I mean, who DOESN'T like an animal who sticks their head in the trash can that has hair dye in it and manages to dye their own neck?
  • My neighbor and his earth-rattling subwoofers

  • Surfers who are mad at kitesurfers and stand-up-paddlers because they are on "their" waves

  • Almost every Facebook game

  • The sheer over-the-top ugliness of the Pontiac Aztek

  • Why prisons won't order DNA tests for people due to be executed who request them. Do they not want to be sure if they are killing the right person?


Kizz said...

I don't know which I agree with more, the third point or the last one.

Twisted Susan said...

Yo, Jersey Shore is funny.

thordora said...

fucking Azteks. Who designed that atrocity? Seriously.

For me, I don't get capri's on short dumpy people. Or fat people my height. Does NOTHING for ANYONE except scream "I HATE SEX!"


Deodand said...

My neighbour's son has wall-crumbling sub-woofers in his house and car. I can hear him for miles. One of these days I'm going to tape a nice set of headphones to his windshield, which will keep me from popping all his tires. I think.

anymommy said...

Where can we send my classic rock loving husband? Prison? Where I'll lobby to deny him DNA tests. Perfect.

SUEB0B said...

Kizz - You don't have to choose!
Twisted Susan - they're SO DUMB. It hurts me.
Thordora - I totally agree. As a person with short fat legs, the last thing I want is for my legs to look SHORTER and FATTER.
Deodand - Let me know how it goes.
Anymommy - If I ever have to hear the Doors doing "Light My Fire" again, I am going to tear my ears off and stomp on them.

lizgwiz said...

No, they don't want to be sure the person is innocent, because that might mean acknowledging they made a mistake, and there are re-elections to be won.

Nance said...

At the risk of incurring anyone's wrath, here is why I don't particularly care for dogs:

1. They are labor-intensive. They need to be walked, taken outside in all kinds of weather, and get muddy and wet.

2. People with dogs are often oblivious to non-dog people's lack of desire to be jumped on, licked, slobbered on, pawed, scratched,or shed on.

3. Dogs bark. Some...A LOT. And at night. Or constantly.

4. Dogs represent more of a threat when loose on the street than a stray cat does. I have never been aggressively accosted by a stray cat while walking.

Having said all of THAT, allow me to say that I firmly believe the adage that "there are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners." I have many nice doggy friends, but I firmly detest the dogs in my neighborhood.

Also, I love to watch dog shows. All of them. And the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. And, I am sorry for blogging on your blog. Come on over to mine and do the same.

Suzanne said...

Husband does not like dogs, but that is because he was severely traumatized by a Rottweiler when he was a wee lad. It lived next door and growled and barked at him with its front legs on the fence that separated their yards. The neighbors thought it was hilarious. I am half scared of dogs for a similar reason (one bit my face when I was a wee lass). And I admit to listening to classic rock for long stretches of time. Husband does, too, although he has overall far more music variety than I do. Maybe the dog traumas caused the classic rock overload.

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