27 June 2010

Maradona! Or, how to drive your readers away by yammering on ceaselessly about the World Cup

First, I am shocked and saddened that so few people wanted to play Erin Poopy Bingo. It is a tragic day when people don't want to bet when a grown woman will take a poop after surgery. What a world.

Second, I wonder why World Cup has possessed my brain. I mean, other than the gorgeous men running about in shorts.

I never liked futbol before. But suddenly it truly is The Beautiful Game to me. People complain about the lack of scoring. I LOVE the lack of scoring. It is all about the technique, the speed, the plays...and every so often, the goal.

That being said, it was a crappy weekend for a USA/Mexico fan. A lose/lose proposition, as it were.

On Saturday, I watched the USA/Ghana game at the local pub. I know that most of you were as riveted as I was, but in the very slight chance that you didn't watch, let me give you a brief recap: Ghana scored, USA scored, and then it remained tied til it went into overtime.

In OT, Ghana scored. Boo. The scorer did THE MOST AMAZING booty dance down by the goal, causing me to hoot.

Which caused me to get the Death Glare from a German fan who was sitting near me. Because apparently, losing is such serious business that one must not hoot, even if a fit young Ghanan is shaking it like Tina Turner after a handful of espresso beans.

Lighten up, Klaus. Go eat a weisswurst.

I spent part of the weekend when I wasn't watching the game watching Maradona, the "squat little man" who happens to be the greatest player who ever lived (yeah, yeah, Pele, yada yada).

I know, I know, there is something wrong with me. But LOOK AT THIS:

Thus my new exclamation for everything amazing or unbelievable - "Maradona!"


super des said...

I actually did watch this game, or at least the last half of it. I saw the booty dance, laughed, and also got death stares.
Shut up, like you wouldn't dance after winning an important game like that?
People need to calm down.

orion said...

Dear USA: Never Ghana give you up, never Ghana hurt you, never Ghana run around and desert you...

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