13 August 2010

Leave it to me...


I had a beautiful, fun time at BlogHer and in NYC, and I really have nothing bad to say, yet I made it seem like that yesterday with my crabby post. I just like to whine, that's all. And I thought it was funny. I'm glad at least one of you laughed.

About 10 days before BlogHer, I got a bee in my bonnet. It occurred to me that people would have a hard time packing their Tutus for Tanner. I also got the idea that someone needed to rectify this situation, and that someone happened to be me.

I thought that if I took tutu materials to BlogHer, we could have a good, old-fashioned tutu-making bee while there, saving people the trouble of packing the light but bulky garments. It would also give people a chance to bond over a crafty project and perhaps lure some non-5kers into the event.

I went to the fabric store and bought 65 yards of tulle from an extremely underimpressed fabric cutter. I didn't mean to buy so much but OOH PRETTY took over and I had to get some of each color. Luckily tulle is surprisingly affordable.

Then it was time to cut the tulle into 6 inch wide strips. It became my life's work to get this stuff cut up. I did it at home. I did it at breaks at work. I enlisted the help of my mostly-blind dad and my arthritic mom. And piece by piece, we got it done.

I shipped it to my friend Suzanne's home so I could pick it up when I got to NYC. She brought it to the People's Party and I piled it all on a table in a fluffy rainbow, and it was truly gorgeous.

Major Bedhead

If you bring something pretty and fluffy to a party that is mostly women, they will come over to see what was going on. I had an enthusiastic crew of tutu-makers, including Major Bedhead, Rachel and some lovely bloggers I had never met before.

Rachel, who made a red and black flamenco - or maybe Goth - tutu

This is either Kristin or her friend, Krista. I am bad with names and things in general. But they were both fun and game for tutu-making.

Our tutu-making skills varied wildly, even though tutus are easy to make - you just tie the strips of tulle around an elastic waistband - but it was all in good fun. Soon we had about 10 tutus in various color combos, ready for the next morning's event.

Mine, was, of course, in Lakers colors. I had to represent for the West Coast:

During the 5k, I couldn't run OR walk. I hobbled down to Central Park to take photos, leading me to tweet:
"It it 7 am. I am standing in Central Park. Wearing a tutu. Holding a stapler."

It turns out even jaded New Yorkers will look if you are wearing a tutu in Central Park. One person had a guy yell "Why you wearin' your leotard?" at them.

All true. I live a weird, wonderful and fun life. Thanks to everyone who joined me in this craziness. The 5k turned out beautifully, with about 100 people racing thru Central Park or down Broadway in various stages of fluffiness (it's amazing how many different kinds of tutus there are!). BHJ ran six consecutive 5ks in New York summertime heat, so I think he won, though everyone deserves a medal.

Photos by Kizzbeth, who is just the best person.


Rachel said...

I appreciated your efforts in bringing the tulle, as I was fretting over the packing situation.

And yeah, more Goth (or Chicago Blackhawks or matching the Ninjabetic logo?) than flamenco.

Major Bedhead said...

Whoa. I have 87 chins in that picture.

I had fun making the tutu, even if mine turned out to be epically fluffy. I keep trolling the tutu pictures to see if I can spot someone wearing it.

Mignon said...

I know I'm being picky, but it looks to me like you're representin for the Baltimore Ravens. More yellow! Awesome tutus!

Lady M said...

You rock. Somehow I missed the tutu making session - I totally would have helped! It was nice to see you again.

SUEB0B said...

Rachel - I'll bet the person didn't get out of bed. I didn't want to!

flurrious said...

I would just like to thank you for posting BlogHer photos that do not feature Bruce Jenner.

Colette said...

Hi Suebob, popping on over after having met you at BlogHer. So it's you who was responsible for all those tutus. You rock!

Jason, as himself said...

So much fun. And good for you!

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