21 September 2010


So the guy who sent the racist email resigned from the club we were in together.

I have seen him around town a few times.

When I was younger, I might have been tempted to make a friendly gesture, to be conciliatory.

Now that I am older and crankier, I don't feel the need to do that. He is out of my life and that is a good thing.

I'm thankful to be rid of someone who doesn't grasp basic concepts like prejudice and privilege, like not forwarding emails full of racially charged language.

I don't know why this incident reminds me of a woman my sister once encountered, who said:
"Money talks and bullshit walks. And I'm walking!"

Keep walking.


Isabella Golightly said...

You are a woman of principle and you have no idea how much I admire you!!!

SUEB0B said...

Isabella, it is readers like you who make this whole blogging thing worthwhile. You make me keep walking ;-)

Kizz said...

Glad to hear it!

Aunt Snow said...

You know, sometimes it's a good thing to let people suffer the consequences of their actions. If a guy sends racist ugly hateful stuff to you - the consequence is shunning. Don't feel bad about it. He deserves it.

orion said...

Awesome. I am learning the same thing right now. It's much better to ignore than to stop and be friendly. Thank you for writing this.

Julie said...

This is exactly what my older brother and I were talking about the other day when we were brought into an FB argument (because that's how my family communicates, a whole other subject) with our younger brother over gay marriage. We are older. We no longer have time to indulge these people in debates. It doesn't go anywhere. The best thing we can all do is walk away and not engage. Life is too short to spend time around these tools.

labelgirl said...

I agree with you. One of the benefits of getting older is not feeling obligated to be nice to people who don't deserve it.

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