25 January 2006

Garbage in, garbage out

I came home with my arms full of all the stuff I was unloading from the car, opened the door and --OOF-- it hit me, a smell like when you take your trash cans out to the curb on a hot day.

I took out the kitchen trash, which surprised me by not smelling too stenchy. Then I remembered: my purse.

I take my milk to work for my coffee because our incredibly inept cafeteria help often RUNS OUT OF MILK. (Note to cafeteria folks: put it on the list, right above eggs). I take it in a sippy cup because they don't leak.

Well, they don't leak if you screw the lid on.

I didn't, and lost half a sippy cup full of milk when I put the cup in my huge black bag. I know, I know - the word "dumbass" does spring to mind.

I mopped it up, but milk never forgets.

I'm in that kind of overtired mood where you just feel like putting your head in your hands and sobbing for no good reason. But I guess I will try to launder my purse instead.

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Laura said...

I once sat on my bag, smashing a melted truffle-y candy bar and was forced to lick my keys clean before picking up my customers in the limousine. Then I licked my drivers log. And my wallet and lip gloss and comb. Hey! It was Truffle-y goodness...

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