10 February 2006

My blogosphere

I realized today I have an illusory world in my head where everyone on my blog bookmark list knows each other and hangs out together.

Heather calls Mrs. Kennedy and Jenijen for parenting advice and commiserates with Melissa about jealous blog stalkers who leave evil comments.

Of course Candice hangs out with Josh, since they are both in college, and has even forgiven him for never, ever, posting anymore.

Every blogger's library is the Foxy Librarian's library. We are all eagerly waiting to get together with American Robin and Emily to talk about their African adventures. We work in a cubicle down from Jack Burden and work out at Granny Liz's gym.

We have these cool friends who have online kind of art projects, Frank of PostSecret and whatshername of Swapatorium.

The thing we have most in common, however, is how dang pissed we are when Blogger goes down for a "planned outage."Feh.


candice said...

hehehe that's awesome.

IzzyMom said...

lol...it does seem like a lot of people "know" each other doesn't it?

SUEB0B said...

My own private public universe LOL

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