09 February 2006

Subtropical Joy

I know this photo of my banana-crop-to-be won't be as thrilling to some of you in warmer climes, like Dobbs, but for me, living as I do in just about the northernmost point in the U.S. where bananas can successfully be grown...well I am beside myself with pride and happiness at my baby bananas.

After three years of being cranky and miserable in my old home, my new little spot just a mile from the beach with my own banana tree seems like pure paradise. Every day I look out the window and smile and feel like I have been, as Dickens said "Recalled to Life!"


dazed said...

Hi there. I love Milton's Red Stapler. I love Milton's Character. I work with a woman who has that EXACT Red Swingline Stapler, and she had taken it with her throughout the company in every job she has had. She's been here like 23 years. LOL.

SUEB0B said...

Hey Meagan,

I want that stapler! But I heard that Swingline just started making them AFTER Office Space since people started requesting them...the one in the movie was painted by the props dept...

But isn't it pathetic what has happened to staplers?? At work I have a cheap plastic swingline that bends 2 out of 3 staplers, and I can hear my boss in her cube pounding on hers, too...meanwhile at home I have a 30 year old metal swingline that is still going strong!

dobbs said...

Well done indeed - was amazed to know you managed to grow a banana tree!

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