26 February 2006

One for the ages

Sometimes my posts come off as bitter, cynical or angry, I know. What I am actually aiming for is funny but I know I don't always achieve that.

I was trying to think of an amusing post I could craft to end the week with (don't try and kid me, the week begins on Monday and we all know it!) but nothing I could ever think up could top this.

Her tale of a tiny decrepit dog, a stuffed animal, and true love - or is it lust? - had me rolling on the floor. Ah, there is hope for us old girls.


IzzyMom said...

I love your posts. They're always funny to me. Loved the humping dog story. I posted over there about my own little dog that loved to hump a pig. I had forgotten all about it so thanks!

spotted elephant said...

*Thank you* for linking to that post. I lauged so hard I interrupted JR's writing.

That little dog should be a teacher for us all, sort of.

SUEB0B said...

I love Granny Gets A Vibrator. She is one of my action heroes! And now I love her dog too.

Izzy, it is hilarious that your dog did the same thing. I never knew that girl dogs were that way!

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