26 March 2006

I have a new hero

I don't have a TV but the kind folks at Crooks and Liars post video of all the relevant news bits, so I feel like I don't miss much.

This interview with correspondent Lara Logan about reporting the Iraq war makes me realize that I am not even one-hundredth the journalist she is. I am not fit to carry her video cables. She lays out exactly why there isn't more "happy news" coming out of Iraq and why all the coverage seems like such a downer. Hint: it's not the journalists' fault.

And for some hard, bitter laughter, here is the week's editorial cartoon round up. A picture and a few words are worth a thousand words, or something like that.


MrsFortune said...

Wait... it's not the journalists fault? Are you sure? Cuz all the guys on Fox news say it is and, well, I'm inclined to believe them, you know? I mean ...

Thanks for these links.

J.R. Kinnard said...

The media didn't get those rose-colored glasses that Rumsfeld ordered for them.

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