26 March 2006

BlogHer Contest Update

I had to re-count all the comments with a new system to make sure I hadn't forgotten people who had commented long after the post was up. Now I am fairly sure everything is in order. It is so much fun to be organizationally handicapped.

So far there are 66 entries in the contest, with Izzy holding at least ten of the little blue raffle tickets herself. Kristen and Christina are good for quite a few, and Giddybug and Madness Rivera are holding their own, too.

Here's my question of the day for ya - if you're a parent, what has surprised you most about parenthood?


cameo said...

1) that i act like my mom! 2)that i don't feel like a grown up yet - how can i be responsible for shaping the lives of these little humans. 3) it was only yesterday i was driving around with no particular place to go, jammin' out, and smokin' marlboro lights. 4) that i've been pregnanat and delivered THREE children and it's all, and still continues to be, a blur!

IzzyMom said...

The lazy answer would be "what doesn't surprise you..." but I think it would be how much you are willing to sacrifice for your children. You just don't realize it until you have one the things that you would do for that little life-sucker. And most of the time you do it without even resenting it. It's really quite amazing.

Christina said...

The thing that surprised me the most was how much I'd be eating my words from before I was a parent.

I remember talking about how we were going to get the baby onto our schedule, and that our lives wouldn't change much. HA!

I'm also amazed at the mommy instinct. If someone threatens my little girl, it takes less than a second for me to be ready to rip them up.

giddybug said...

Sue, please remove my entries from the BlogHer contest. I have to be realistic: this year, there is zero chance of my being able to get there. I simply can't afford it. I'll continue reading here, and I'll probably even comment occasionally. And I still think it's great that, in your generosity, you're holding such a contest.

I hope you see this, it being a few days after you posted this update.

What surprises me about being a parent? The things I don't mind doing without for my son's sake.

Nancy said...

Hi Sue -- Izzy sent me over here in a comment last night, because I actually just did a post about this subject (well, sort-of-kind-of).

My post was about how one of the things you never realize before having kids is how much there are days when the 24/7 aspects of parenthood just really start to get to you. There are days when I'll go to work and have a not-so-great day, then come home and don't really feel like active parenting. But of course you HAVE to at least do the minimum stuff like food and changing, but the kids won't always get the extras, like quality time.

I guess I knew parenting was an all day, all time job -- but it never really occurred to me that there would be days when I didn't want the job, when I wanted to go to bed at 6 PM like in the good old days or stay up late and be able to sleep in the next morning without a toddler calling me. I would not give up my kids for anything, of course, but there are days when I'd like to leave them with somebody else and take a little break. Like right now when my 18-month-old keeps tipping over the floor lamp. ;-)

If you're interested, head over and read my post.

And I'm glad Izzy sent me back over here -- I visited when you first announced your contest, and meant to add you to Bloglines. I will do that right now.

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