14 March 2006


I am irked. Irked. I love that word because it sounds exactly like what it is - itchy-wool-sweaterish.

I try not to get overtly political on my blog. I usually save that for my rude comments over at Don't Floss with Tinsel.

But dang this illegal wiretap thing has me worked up. I mean, COME ON! The president of the United States ADMITS he illegally spies on the CITIZENS of this country (despite the existence of a secret court that 99.99% of the time okays this stuff) and somehow that is OKAY??

And the Democrats are just lying there and taking it like the pansy-asses that they are???

Do me a favor. If you have a democratic senator, just mosey over to the Senate website and let them know if you have feelings on the subject. While you are emailing, why not ask them to shut down Guantanamo or at least give prisoners of war due process or treat them by Geneva Convention rules? Just a thought, in the interest of preserving some shred of democracy, human rights and the Constitution.

If you have a Republican senator, God bless you. I think they are beyond redemption.

If you are looking for the BlogHer contest rules, they are two posts down. Or you can comment here and you will be entered.


IzzyMom said...

I had this great comment but truthfully, I'm afraid to post it. I don't want to start a political battle on your blog over someone who can even pronounce words of his native language.

Mom101 said...

I came to see what the deal is with the contest...but I'm staying for the politics. The good thing about living in the grewat state of New York is that Schumer is all over this shit. I always send thank you notes too. I was raised right, that way.

Marcie said...

We all know republicans suck. But your right, the most frustrating and unbelievable thing is to sit and watch the democrats DO NOTHING!The dems seem so lost and afraid right now and the repubs just keep rolling right along.

kristen said...

Everyday I'm amazed by what comes out with the current administration and it's just onto the next thing. I hope his ass is in a sling over this, it's not right and it hasn't gotten them 1 inch further towards protecting our country or ending the war or even Bin Laden.

Stephanie said...

I have two Republican senators in this blue state: Arlen Spector and Rick "Man-On-Dog" Santorum. I can't explain it.

But yeah, Dems rolled over and started playing dead a long time ago. That's why I'm an independent. The Dems asked me for a donation in 2003 and I wrote a letter in reply asking where they were during the war vote. I haven't heard from them since.

J.R. Kinnard said...

Hey, Eden. Is Santorum going to be challenged in the next election? I'd love to see that guy get his...in a "Santorum" kind of way. **wink wink**

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj said...

Dude, I moved from NORTH CAROLINA, where Jesse Helms was stilla senator, to PENNSYLVANIA, where Rick San-i-tor-i-um is one. Because there just weren't enough walls to bang my head on in my house, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Look. I live in Mississippi.

We still have separate white and black homecoming courts at the local high school.

I win.

spotted elephant said...

I'm hearing talk now along the lines of "Now we'll get 'em". I've heard that after every horrible thing the neocons have done and no one has grown a pair.

So I'll believe it when I see it.

dizzle rivera said...

This whole subject makes me so angry I can't really see straight.

What pisses me off too is that most every major newpaper is now afraid to call this administration out and hold them responsible. The LA Times was recently bought by the Chicago Tribune and they fired their last lefty writer a couple months ago. Our country is run by a felon. And this is ok?

giddybug said...

Let's make ITMFA the phrase of the day. Impeach the MF Already.

noncommon said...

let's face it, things right now are absolutly fu--ed! and what makes it worse is that nothing seems to be happening along the lines of changing some of this junk. seems to me that there are enough of us level-headed free thinkers out there. but maybe there's just more of the idiotic, scared masses that we think. I still think that we need to get someone in there to give that scoundrel a blowjob - then we can finally start the impeachment process.

SUEB0B said...

Maybe I can comment to my own blog, since I can't post to it. Here is my error when I try to post:
001 java.io.IOException: EOF while reading from control connection

I suspect a conspiracy, something by the CIA, because I talked bad about the president.

I obviously must be stopped because I am becoming too powerful. All eleven of my readers may band together and...uh...write nasty blog posts! That would be dangerous to national security.

Mom101 said...

Thanks for the kind offer over at my blog Sue, and have fun in Phoenix. While you're there, tell McCain not to get his hopes up. We're taking back the Senate in November and coming for the WH in 08.

(PS I couldn't post last night either. Guess it was a blogspot error. Stupid retrograded Mercury.)

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