24 March 2006

Linkfest from among the wadded-up tissues

For actual real-life posts, please scroll down. There's lots of new whining and complaining to be had. This post is what you get when I am stuck at home sick (cue the tiny violins) with no TV.

This great post from Another Mommy Moment is something that will have many women nodding their heads and saying "I hear ya, sister." An age-old lament. And this meditation on how to be who you authentically are on La Vie En Rose is worth reading, too.

You Tube continues to amaze. This simple little video of hand break dancing (thanks, Kottke) is special in that it captures the exact rhythm and movement of full-body break dancing...with just fingers. Clever.

And now for our political section. Novelist Jane Smiley kicks some Republican ass and takes names over at Huffington Post. Always a pleasure.

Meanwhile, The Smoking Gun reveals Vice President Dick "Shooter" Cheney's rockstar-like backstage demands...is anyone surprised that he only wants Fox News on the box? Or the lights left on? (Global warming be damned! Someone as important as Mr. Cheney shouldn't have to be bothered by exerting himself to flip a switch.)

A more enlightened newshound, The Dalai Lama, says he listens to the BBC, in this Shambhala Sun interview with Pico Iyer.

I'm with him. I don't think there is a better news source in the world today. I love listening to the Beeb on the radio at 6 pm Pacific, when calm British voices are telling me "It's 2 o'clock GMT" and knowing that somewhere in London, BBC news announcers are working through the wee hours for my edification.

And another thing: now Congress is on to the illegal immigration issue. A Bright Shiny Object to distract us from the disastrous Iraq war, illegal wiretapping, etc. Pay no attention. No one in power wants to do a damn thing about illegal immigration. If they really wanted to, they would cut off remittances to Mexico and Central America and that would pretty much shut the whole thing down, no need to build walls. But they never will. Personally, I am all FOR immigration, illegal or otherwise. The brave, smart, hard-working people risk all to come here while the dunces live in squalor at home. We get goods and services at a fraction of their regular price. I am more worried about job immigration overseas. WILL I EVER SHUT UP? Yes.

Do I want to get into the whole weight issue? I feel a little bit too tired and sick to write anything meaningful, but if you want to read for yourself, check it out: I think Morphing Into Mama started it, Homesick Home added a poignant and personal note to it, and I Blame the Patriarchy and readers of Pandagon took up arms.

All I can say is that I have been right in the middle of that one myself, and one of the commenters hit home: it wasn't about weight, it was about control. My reaction to someone trying to control me? Same as my reaction to most stress: Eat more. It's counterintuitive, like one of those Chinese finger traps. To get me to lose weight, quit nagging me about my weight.

And finally, scroll down to the bottom of this post at Granny Gets A Vibrator for some real-life inspiration to get to the gym and get in shape. Is she amazing or what?


IzzyMom said...

It's counterintuitive, like one of those Chinese finger traps

Excellent analogy! Or is that a comparison? Or a metaphor?

Well, whatever it is...it's good and so true. Feel better soon :-)

J.R. Kinnard said...

A link bonanza!

cameo said...

feel better you! love the link to the break dancing fingers. my mother's been doing the finger can-can for as long as I can remeber. very funny!

Kristen said...

WOW. Now that's a link post. I like the reversal thing with the black and the red. VERY SMART. Took me a few paragraphs to figure it out, but I'm there.

Christina said...

Totally agree about the immigration thing. They really don't care - there's no way they want to give up their underpaid illegal housekeepers and landscapers. It's just as you described it - one big shiny object to distract away from all of the bad stuff going on with the government.

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