15 May 2006

BlogHer Contest Winner

I turned all the comments into raffle tickets. That took about an hour and a half and made me wonder: why did I post so much?

All the tickets

To eliminate bias, I went next door to nice neighbor John's house and asked him to select the winner.

In the end, there was only one winner.

But she is already going to BlogHer. I wonder who she will choose to go?

Congratulations Izzy, my most frequent commenter, and thanks to everyone who played.


Izzy said...

I got your comment in my email and I was so dumbfounded that I came here to see for myself.

Holy shit!

How cool is this?

And you took photos! Thank neighbor John for me :)

And thank YOU! I will let you know ASAP.

As previously noted, you are doing a wonderful thing, you supergoddess :)

Kentucky Girl said...

Awesome! Congrats, izzy! :)

motherhooduncensored said...

Awesome Izzy!

Christina said...

Hooray Izzy! That rocks!

wordgirl said...

So cool! Blogher still sounds a little overwhelming to me. But it does sound like fun.

tracey said...

HOORAY FOR IZZY! (you deserve it girl)
Boo hoo for me.

My wishy-washy-lazy-ass didn't get tickets. Promise to give everyone a big fat kiss for me.

Izzy said...

Sue, check your yahoo email. I need to ask you something.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Yay Izzy! I'm so glad it went to someone I genuinely like because otherwise I would be really jealous.

J.R. Kinnard said...

I don't trust John. I think he has an agenda!

Go, Izzy, go!

MrsFortune said...

Woot-woot, go Iz. I'm glad "anonymous" didn't win, or else I was gonna call in the fix.

cameo said...

hey, i just posted something i think you will like - that is if you're still coming over to my place. anyway, just thought you might be interested.

gandhi rules said...

WooooHooo Izzy Baby!!!
Bob, loved the process caught on film. You're adorable.

supa said...

This whole thing was awesome.

Izzy said...

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to announce that I gave the BlogHer registration to Elizabeth of Table for Five. I knew how badly she wanted to go and now she can!

Sue, thank you so much for doing this and for allowing me to pass it on to another blogger.

Elizabeth is THRILLED!!!

Good vibes all the way around :)

super des said...

Neat. Congrats!

Thanks for the illustrations, Sue.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Elizabeth here. I was so shocked, then excited, and now downright giddy (that's right, I said giddy) about Izzy choosing me. I recognize a few people who read my blog and they know how much this is going to mean to me. I am going to make the biggest deal EVER about this on my site. Thank you so much, Sue. I promise I'll make the most of this!

SUEB0B said...

Yay! I can't wait to meet everyone. I spent a long time at Table for Five today thinking...BlogHer 2007? I wonder if she wants to go to 2006?

I only wish it could be everyone. But maybe next year!

jennster said...

that is so cool! !!!!!!! you rock and so does izzy!

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