19 May 2006

A favor, but a fun favor

I would like to ask you a favor. Please go over to Gandhi Rules's dad's blog and check it out. An encouraging comment would be nice too.

He is someone who has written without an audience his whole life, like so many of us. And he is a true storyteller, someone full of tales and anecdotes. He lives in Mexico and writes about some of the funny, frustrating, wacky aspects of that country. Things you may recognize if you have ever spent any time there.

If you want to hear my tale of 3 weeks in Mexico, I have a diary-blog, Three Oaxaca Weeks . I am the first to admit that it is excessively long (you don't even get on the ground in Mexico until about 10 posts go by) and excessively detailed. But it has some nice photos, so keep skipping and scrolling.

Have a good weekend. I am off to WriteGirl for our monthly workshop. Songwriting this time. I hear someone amazing is going to be there. I can't wait!


chelle said...

Have a great weekend!
So going to snoop at the other site while your gone!

cameo said...

i took your advice - i love his story so far! will be back for more, definately. thanks for the referal.

gandhi rules said...

Thank you my friend.

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